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Oh So Scandalous.

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Okay so my fantasy is officially confirmed lol. Although the chances of it happening with this guy are SLIM/NONE lol, I can dream right? :lol:

Ok so I go to physical therapy for some injury prevention on my body. Athletes get way too many aches and pains lol. Anyway, so my physical therapist is in his mid 30s...FINE as hell. Dark hair bright eyes tight bod. wicked funny. He's downright sexy. I'm not gonna lie I've definitely had some great thoughts about him. He has a girlfriend. LE sigh. But anyway back to the fantasy. After having him for a PT, I would love to come in one day with just the two of us and what starts out as a seemingly harmless assessment gradually turns into crazy sex. Anywhere and everywhere. Any machine or table. It doesn't matter. What starts as my typical exercises becomes hands on ;). Then he'll really get to show me what a teacher he is. Then I'll return the favor as the amazing student I've become. There's this pilates machine that could definitely be fun. I'll get into whatever position he wants. We'll do the deed on any surface and place in that office because we're so passionate and turned on with each other. it doesn't matter where we do it.

Oh what a DREAM that would be if it happened.

Damn. Excuse me.

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Mmmm, sounds like the fantasies I had about my old neurologist back in my home town! He had to be more than twice my age and was married of course, but he was a silver fox if ever I've seen one! My mother leaned over and whispered to me "I want to be one of his patients!" :lol:

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