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Ok..my Turn To Ask For Some Ideas Here


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Some of you know, my SO has Bipolar disorder and last month, his dr. upped his Paxil. Now, he has no problem getting an erection...but he's just started cumming quicker than usual. We've tried the pressure point technique, but its not helping. He asked his regular physician about Viagra, but since he gets erections, the dr. said no. Are cock rings a solution for this? We've never thought about that and I'm not sure if he'd be open to that. HEEEEEELP. I need a GOOD old fashioned orgasm. Oral, toys, n fingering aren't doing the trick.

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Well CL, I am glad to be able to offer some advice here.

First, cock rings rule! They really do work, and they will help to prolong ejaculation. I suggest getting a standard no frills pack o' three so that you have a variety of sizes to choose from. Put it on him while his penis is flaccid or semi-hard, not completely hard. Put it around the balls and the shaft. Then, when he gets his nice erection, the blood (and hence the semen) will be trapped in the semenal tract longer. Remember, not to use them if there is pain or numbness or for extended sessions (half hour - 45 minutes max) so try to time it right!

The pressure point thing does work also - but, you have to push HARD and I mean HARD and you have to do it at the right time. Try to get it when you notice his balls are starting to shrink up, grab his balls and pull them down (gently) and then push the MDP (spot betwen the balls and the anus) and push hard...he will know the spot because his penis will move up....keep pushing and pulling until the urge to cum passes. Just sit or lie still until it does. You may have to practice this technique, but it works - it does.

You can also try what Howard suggests - go for round 2! Suck him off the first round, or have him masturbate to cumming, and then go for the seond round with you. Men always cum slower the second or third or fourth ;) time around! It could be a really good thing!

I hope this helps! Good luck girl!

Mikayla :D

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