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Doc Johnson gives us another high quality toy in the g spot power vibe. The packaging states that this is multi-speed, waterproof, and silent. I didn't test out the waterproof part, although it held up to washing just fine, but as to the rest---well, the answer is a resounding yes!

This very cute vibrator is yellow, and made of TPR, so please use water-based lube. There is a sample of lube included, but I prefer the TooTimid lube. It is supposed to be "velvet touch", and although it is very smooth, I also found it very hard. It has nicely molded finger grips on the end, which is a very nice touch. The battery compartment is located on the bottom--simply unscrew, and the 2 AA batteries are easy to place. Directions are in place for each battery.

This is one of the quietest vibrators I've ever heard! When inserted, I couldn't hear it at all, and only knew it was on because I could feel the vibrations. It is quite powerful. And it DID hit my gspot, producing multiple orgasms in almost no time at all.

I would recommend this vibe to anyone who doesn't mind a hard vibe. This will stay at the top of my toybox for a long time!!!

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Great review TQ, what is TPR? And I love the velvet touch vibes. They are beyond smooth.

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TPR is a thermoplastic rubber. It can be made in medical grade, and is hypoallergenic. It is the same material that flippers and beach shoes are made of.

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