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I am in a relationship and the lack of sex is really making me consider dumping him, I am 34 and he is 44, he hasn't had sex in 6 almost 7 years

he has let me do oral on him once (he cummed 4 times) and done oral on me once... constantly says he wants to do more oral and have sex with me, but he is "afraid" because he has not had sex in so many years, well we met in June started seeing each other in October, became more involved in December and I am getting way the hell over it

He says to have my child spend the night off so he can come spend the night (I won't stay with him due to his weird-o roommate), when he spends the night all he usually does is snore

We can "make-out" for lack of better words and I feel how hard he gets he tells me how much he wants me then he suddenly he will want to just stop

We are wonderful friends and spend time together often, he has told me that he loves me on more than one occasion ...we can sometimes be happy just being together cooking, gardening etc...but I guess I want more in a relationship than gardening

I know he masturbates and I gave him oral so I know it still works...

I have abstained for sex since my last relationship for several years and dam** after several months in this relationship..I want to get laid!!

Is it going to happen? What would you recommend trying/saying/doing?? Or do I get out now?

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I am a very horny girl who went several years once without sex so i know where u are coming from. I think just coming out an asking him in a quiet moment would be a good idea. Maybe he is just afraid of disappointing"performance anxiety". I mean he must have been taking care of himself if he hasnt had sex in that long right. I know when i finally got to have sex after a long dry spell I was desperate for it and if your partner is not in the same place as you it can be hard. Expressing your feelings is the most important part. good luck.

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