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Veined Double Header

When I first received this I will admit I was very intimidated. It is 18 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Also as a reminder this is one of the few items that is not returnable. With this one don't forget your water-based lube as silicone-based lube cannot be used with this toy. In opening the packaging it definitely had a smell to it of a new toy. After a few washings it did disappear to a degree.

After some foreplay, my SO brought this out as he knew I was intimidated by it….he did this without my knowledge. I am glad that it was done that way. He inserted it and it filled me up very well. It is contoured to resemble a man. I could feel the bumps and veins which was really nice. So then this got his curiosity to see how much a girl can take. It was definitely a nice amount, but be sure you insert it slowly if you are not used to that much girth.

We were thinking of other ways it can be used and found it interesting that for those who are advanced in anal play, they could use it for double penetration as the toy is quite flexible and you can bend it such that the two heads touch each other.

It is very flexible which makes it very easy to use in different scenarios. I am thinking for double penetration on one person with their partner guiding it or by two different people at the same time as well, such as pussy to pussy.

The only downfall with it being so long---storage of it is difficult. I would recommend if possible keeping the plastic packaging as everything does stick to it. Washing it before and after play is very easy as there are no battery compartments to worry about. Just run under warm water with some anti-bacterial soap and then you are all set.

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