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What Books Would You Recommend?


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So many people have been asking about books and what recommendations do we have? I'm hoping we can get a GREAT discussion going here! Something that will be referred to often on Too Timid.

For basic sex books, I like Anne Hooper's books. I have The Ultimate Sex Guide which is great, and also the pocket size of this one. They are not intimidating and are very simple. Good first sex books.

ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm by Alan and Donna Brauer.

This is a great self help book. Its more than just a "sex" book, its like sex therapy! Learn about you and your partner's "erogenous zones" and what it is like for your partner. This book came recommended to me by a friend when I was getting ready to marry again. My then fiance had been thru 2 relationships that cut down his sexual self esteem and I needed something to help him overcome those setbacks. This has helped tremendously.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that if you are going to read a sex book, share it with your partner. Its not going to do any good if you are the only one reading and trying to figure this out.

OK....who's next in this book review??

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Great idea CL!

I have a lot of people ask me about books too - which are the best for sex positions, etc. I think position books are fine - but sometimes I believe RELATIONSHIP books work better, or even books that treat the couple sexually. For example, as many of you know, I enjoy Tantric sex. It is the kind of sex where two people can really "connect" - sexually, spiritually, emotionally, physcially - so books on Tantra can give you a great basis for reconnecting with your lover, while also giving you new sexual positions to try.

Many times people read a few pages and think, "Um, all this chakra stuff isn't for me, I don't get it, I don't grasp it!" However, you don't have to believe or practice EVERYTHING in Tantra to get the benefits. Perhaps you just want to try the "closeness" excercises, or the "full body orgasms" - you take out of the books - or any book - what you want!

So, for my recommendations on Tantra I would say:

"The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fullfillment" by Diana Richardson

"Tantra Between the Sheets" by Val Sampson

Either of these titles will give you the basis for the practice, introduce you to the terminology, give you positioning and examples of exercises. If you like it, you can then read further!

So there you go...I think that would get anyone started in the right direction with regard to Tantra.


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