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Sweet Sex On A Bench Near A Beach


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I decided to try something a little more romantic than usual. Please let me know if it works.



The sun has just set and the stars are starting to show. A warm breeze blows off the water. We hold hands. You carry your shoes, your bare feet are wet and caked with sand. The wind tousles our hair and billows your dress. You look lovely in the early evening light.

In the distance dogs bark, children shout and the sounds of a day drawing to its close drift to us. You lean against me and I can smell your hair. I turn my head and kiss yours. I feel wonderfully in love. We come across a picnic table. “Sit down baby,” I say, pointing to the table top, “let's sit here together for a while.” You smile sideways at me - “sit here for a while?” - and arch an eyebrow.

You sit and I sit beside you, an arm around your shoulder in the fading glow of the day. I lean close and whisper in your ear, “I love you.” I can feel you laugh a little. “Your lips tickle,” you tell me. I kiss your ear then pull away. “So, my lips tickle? That sounds like something we ought to test out. I'm not sure if I believe you.”

I lean back in and kiss your throat – lightly brushing you, barely touching you – and can feel you tensing up as I move my mouth along your jaw. “Does that tickle?,” I ask. You shake your head. I rest a hand on your thigh and kiss your chin. “How about that?” “It feels funny but it doesn't tickle.” “I see,” I say seriously, “lets try this,” and I kiss your mouth.

It feels clean and warm and alive as I touch your tongue and you touch mine. I feel your arm wrapping around me and pulling me close and tight to you. My right arm – around your shoulder – holds you to me; my left hand slides down your leg and under the hem of your dress below your knees. Your skin is warm and soft. I squeeze it gently and begin to slide my hand back up your legs. I can feel you smile against my mouth.

Reluctantly, I pull my mouth from yours. Your saliva tastes sweet in my mouth. I look you in the eyes. “Ah,” I say, “the sacrifices we must make for science.” With that I lower my face and begin kissing your throat. “Does that tickle?” “No,” you say, as I slip my tongue along toward the top of your chest. I stop and stand before you. “Baby you're so beautiful.” I can see you blushing in the dim light of evening.

I push your dress up a bit and rest my hands on your bare knees, pushing them apart a tiny bit. “Will you, in the name of science, unbutton your dress a bit for me?” You bat your eyelashes innocently but begin to undo the top of your dress. As you do, it falls open and I can see in the shadows the round swell of your breasts. I kneel on the bench of the picnic table – between your legs – and lean in to kiss your chest.

I nuzzle my face between your breasts and turn my head, kissing one and then the other. I feel your arms closing around my head, hold it gently. I feel your chest rise and fall and then rise even more as you sigh. I readjust myself on the bench, sitting now between your knees; looking up at you I smile. “Baby,” I whisper looking up at you, “I really want to kiss you.” You smile and look around furtively. “Do you think it's safe?,” you ask.

Rather than answer, I slide your dress up your legs until it is bunched around you waist and lean in to you, kissing your stomach and abdomen. I let my tongue drag lazily down toward the top of your panties – the fabric rasps against me as I kiss along the waistband toward your left hip. Your hands are on my head, guiding me down between your legs.

“Kiss me through them,” you whisper, as my mouth finds you through the thin fabric. You let out a soft moan as my mouth makes contact with your swollen lips. I can taste you and suck against the cloth to taste you more. You put your sandy bare feet onto my shoulders and pull me closer. “Ohhh,” you breathe, “you mouth feels so good on me, darling, keep licking.” As I lick I can feel the crotch of your panties getting wetter and wetter. I love the feeling of your thighs closing around my head.

Reaching below my chin, I push your legs apart. “Baby, lets get the panties off – I want to be able to kiss and lick you deep.” You lift you legs into the air and bring them together. I grab your panties and work them over your ass and hips and together we slide them off you. When you spread your legs again, you are bare and wet. “Oh god,” you moan, “I'm ready for you, I want to feel you in me.” Shaking my head I return between your legs and begin lapping at you.

My cock is swelling in my pants as I lean over you and eat you out. My tongue pushes into you and then slithers out and across your clit. I can feel you squirming under my mouth. I put two fingers into you and begin to stroke you inside. Your ass is wet against my knuckles as I slide my fingers in and out of you. I love the way your rock your ass and pussy against my face and hand.

Your legs close around me again but your hands are behind you now, supporting your body as you rock and roll your body while I kiss and lick and finger you. Your pussy is so wet that my fingers slide in and out – deep and hard. I love the way you taste, and the way you sound when your excited. The little breathless sounds – and the loud groans and yelps. I reach down with my free hand and struggle to pull my pants down. I am so hard I am aching for you baby.

While I slurp at you I bang my hand in and out and against you. I can see and feel and hear you getting closer and closer to cumming. I want to feel it with my face baby. I bury it against you harder and suck more as you get more excited. I can't get enough of you, your body, your taste, your skin, your sounds, your movements. I feel you clench against my hand. “Ohhh god, ohhhh god, please go into me, please.”

I can barely contain myself as I stand and finish pushing my pants down. Your legs are around my waist in an instant, pulling me toward you. I push my shirt up and push my body against yours, tracing your pussy with the head of my dick. I can feel you straining forward toward me and I can't wait to be inside you baby. I push in to your pussy. It's so warm and wet and it holds me so well. My arms fly around you and pull you close to me, my wet mouth and face against yours, kissing you.

We both grunt and groan as we fuck. “Harder,” you rasp as I bang my body into yours, “do it harder.” It is dark now, all the stars are out and the last bit of sun has long since slipped away. I drive myself into you there in the night. Our bodies twisted together, straining to be closer. I can feel my excitement building in response to your continued orgasm. I clutch you close and hard and hold you tight as I begin to cum deep inside you, filling you, breathless, in the night, in your arms, in your body, in love.

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You know I really really love the emotion you put in here and the way the scene unfolds is almost familiar. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

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