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I was intrigued when I first laid eyes on this toy. I had never used a ‘micro’ bullet before, but I was more than willing to try it. To be honest this thing had waaaay too much ‘oomph’ for me, but if you like strong pinpoint vibrations it may be right up your alley (so to speak)

When I first got it, I noted the usual stuff. It has a soft coating, uses 2 AA batteries, no smell… Things like that. The controller is not too big and fits easily in the palm of your hand, and the battery door on the back is attached. No pieces dropping off, yay! The cord seemed a little long, but I suppose that would make it easier for partner play. The micro-bullet is just that. It’s about as wide as your pinky finger and measures probably from the tip of your pinky to the second knuckle down. Even with it being that small it’s not hard to hold on to. The pack also says the bullet ‘heats up’. I managed to get it to heat up a bit when I was doing my initial look-over, though it took a few minutes for it to do so and it really wasn’t all that noticeable. The noise is negligable, too. Always a plus when you're not alone, so to speak.

This toy may have only 2 speeds, but they are doozies. It honestly feels like they are ‘high’ and ‘higher’. Using it on my nipples wasn’t too bad. A little intense, but not overly so. It wasn’t until I tried it on my nethers that it was actually painful to me. I really think I now know what it would feel like to get my hoo-ha tattooed. I’m really sorry I can’t give a better, more in depth review on it, but I just could not take the power of the vibes. Like I said, if you like really powerful vibrations, this could be the toy for you. If you’re not into the strong stuff, I would advise you to leave this little guy be.

Whisper Micro-Heated Bullet

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Whisper Micro-Heated Bullet



This toy touts itself as a microbullet, which heats up while in use, adding a new sensation to the mix. Unfortunately, I found that the heat was very minimal, and didn't really seem to add or remove anything special. However, the vibrations were wonderfully powerful -- I'm a gal who likes her vibrations strong, and this certainly delivered! It's a bit difficult to keep a grip on the toy, as it's so tiny and I hate to hold by the cord since that tugs it out of place and makes it buzz loudly.

Speaking of sound - this toy is super, super quiet! It has a very slight buzzing sound, but it's nowhere near as obnoxious as some toys get. Perfect for, say, the thin walls of a dormitory room.

Overall I found this toy easy to use, effective, and quite adorable with its soft pinkness.

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