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New to the board, I hope someone can help. Just how does the penis ring work? I read on this site you put in one testicle first, the second and finally a flaccid penis, then have fun. So good, so far. But it also sounds like a tourniquet. I am normal size for a big guy, so I should start with a 2"? :rolleyes:

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You are talking about a cock ring, yes??? :rolleyes:

I am also assuming you have found the posts (detailed as they were) where I discussed the use of cock rings? I would buy a pack that has 3 sizes - that way you can find the size that will fit you the best.

A cock ring is not exactly like a tourniquet, but it does restrict the blood flow in a similiar fashion so that the erection is harder and lasts longer.

You are correct in that you should put it on when the penis is limp - or nearly limp and it should go over both testicle and the base of the penis!

Never keep it on more than about a half hour to 45 minutes. Never keep it on if it hurts and never keep it on if there is numbess or any loss of sensation in your penis!

read the other posts on cock rings, and if you have ANY other questions, please PM me or post again here!

Good luck!


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