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Orgasm From Stress


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OK, so how common/normal are these 2 things:

1) Way back in elementary school, 2nd or 3rd grade, the class would march down the hall to the bathrooms at certain times of the day. The boys would go in, and many would climb all over the partition walls like monkeys. In doing this myself, I discovered that if I hung on the wall holding a pull-up position, I would get this pleasurable feeling. Discovered after puberty and goo started coming out of Mr. Happy that this was an orgasm. In high school gym class, if we did pull-ups, that feeling would start to build and I'd have to drop off the bar before my arms gave out or I'd have a mess in my shorts.

2) I have also found that being in a stressful situation can start that feeling building, and I have to work hard to relax myself to avoid an orgasm. This happened more when younger, but still happens once in a blue moon.

In one high school chemistry class, we had a quiz. I filled a page solving some problem. Then realized I did it wrong and erased everything. Before I could rewrite anything the teacher started collecting papers. I started to stress out, that feeling began to build, and I ended up with an orgasm. I prayed no one would notice the damp spot in my jeans.

The only other times this has happened has been while dreaming. I'd have a dream of some stressful thing, and sometimes end up with a wet dream from it; other times (and more the norm the last 10 or 15 years) I'd wake up before the orgasm.

So am I an oddball, or is this stuff not so unheard of?

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I can't say that I've ever heard of this but that doesn't mean much. With people getting to where they will actually talk about not only sex but some of their favorite kinks and such, this can't be called odd. Hell some would say you are lucky.

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"But if it does cause you concern, . . . "

No; more curious than concerned. I haven't done the hangingn thing since early teens (figured out how to wack off instead). And the stress thing has waned alot over the years. The wet dreams have bcome very few and far between, again, with age.

"In fact, your situation is so unusual, . . . "

Haha, (really, that made me chuckle). Here I am half expecting an "oh, yeah, that's totally normal" answer, and get that instead.

But before I saunter over to the oddball corner, one more thought: we've all heard reference to someone crapping or peeing in their pants from fright (maybe busting someone's chops about, I don't know, going on some roller coaster ride, or going on a plane trip when they are afraid of flying). I remember one time hanging out with some friends, busting one kid's chops over his reaction to some scary thing (all in good fun), and my one friend's sister chimed in with, "He's gonna cream his jeans."

So I still have a little hope that there may be others like me . . .

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