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I feel that I have a large enough penis at 7 inches and 1.75 girth but I wonder if size does matter I want to give my significant other all she wants or needs. Thinking about an extension and there are so many to pick from I hope there are some people out there with experience with them that do not mind sharing.

I guess I was wrong no replies. I thought that someone at too timid would would know something or share their experience. Thanks

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My hubby and I just experimented with a cock extension (not that he needs an extension, he is much like you, about 7 1/2 inches and good girth) - but I had read that using the extensions that go over the entire penis act as a huge cock ring and keep the erection longer. So we tried one from here, the vibrating extra cock:


I must say, it was an interesting experience. It did make my hubby longer, the girth was about what he was, slightly bigger obviously since he fit inside it. The head is quite a bit thicker than the base, so when it is inserted it is a different experience - that is for sure.

All in all I woud say that the experience was OK - I think I enjoy having the "natural" him inside me better - even though this extension felt nice and natural. He said that it felt good on him, but he couldn't feel "me" so therefore it wasn't the same experience. He did last a lot longer because he couldn't feel me in the same manner as he usually does.

I would say that penis extensions are fun to play with, but not a necessity for me. The nice thing is, you can put a vibrator in the sleeve and use it that way - I may do that next - as I said, I like the "natural" him better!

If you woman is looking for a little more during sex, the cyberskin does feel natural, and it is nice to have a little fuller feeling if that is what she is going for. If she is happy with you the way you are, then maybe you should let things be.

This item would be great for those "smaller" men - who want to really give it to their women.

Well, to each his or her own!

Good luck with deciding, let me know if you have a specific question that I didn't cover!

Mikayla :rolleyes:

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