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My Girlfriend And Sex?


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hi, i recently startd goind out with my new girlfriend about a month ago, and am not sure on how sexually mature she is she is 17 and im 19, my question is, how do i know or ask her if she ready for sex ? without sounded like a pig

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How long have you been dating? How much "sexual" activity do you do now? Does she know that you have been sexually active (have you?)

If you have been doing a lot of other sexual activities - petting, oral etc. then transitioning into a conversation about SAFE sex shouldn't be a problem. If you have only made out and not much else it might be a little harder to broach the subject tactfully.

I, however, believe that young adults - and that is what you two are - young adults - although she is still a minor, keep that in mind, especially if she is a virgin - should talk openly and honestly about sex before doing it. This is a good way to avoid pregnancy and disease. Sometimes jumping into bed with someone and not discussing things is what leads to those unexpected pregnacies!

I would suggest that you just try to find a good time - as Howard suggests - to bring it up. I wouldn't do so unless your sexual activities have been progressing in such a way that you think you are going to get to that point soon. Bringing it up too soon may scare her off - if she is that shy a girl!

I don't know about the whole "do it in a restaurant" think - I prefer the quiet of a car, a beach front, or a more secluded spot to have my sex talk. I know the rationale is to be "in public" but sometimes you will not talk as openly in such a place as you would even out in your own backyard. Try to find an appropriate place.

I hope this advice helps - and remember ALWAYS BE SAFE WHEN HAVING SEX!!!!!

Mikayla ;)

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well, we have had oral alot but i feel like if i go anyfurther she might as you said get scared ff.

i think i will just wait for the right time.

thankyou for your advice it is much appreciated.

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