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A Girl Needs Options!


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You know, a girl has got to have options! Now, I am NOT new to the world of sex toys, but I am new to the world of G-Spot vibes! I only have 2 - the Meta Gel Heart On is not a G-Spot vibe, it just happens to deliver G-Spot orgasms for me.....everytime! ANyway, I just got my second G-Spot Vibe - THE TERA PATRICK RIBBED G! and let me just say.....I LOVE it! I am thinking that I need more G-Spot vibes in my toy box!


When I read the description, I was intrigued with the idea of a “cherry scent” – I mean, almost anything would beat that rubbery, latex smell that most toys have when you take them from their packaging. :angry: This toy has NONE of those odors! It truly does have a pleasant cherry smell! :D How nice is that for those toy manufacturers to make a nice smelling toy!

As for the toy’s appearance – well, it is heavy and WIDE – the girth (1 ½ inches) is something that will definitely cause a pause. It is only 6 ½ inches long, however, which is just long enough to get where it needs to go – to the G-Spot! :o I noticed that the ridges are placed in just the right spots to add special sensations and I looked forward to testing out my new toy!

Going it alone this round - hubby is out of town for a few days -

I lubed up as always and began insertion. This one is a little different to insert because it is very wide at the head, and it is curved – to hit that spot – so you have to work it a bit! It is worth the effort! Once in, I immediately notice how full I felt – and I like that full feeling – so I was very, very pleased!

I turned on the vibrations and almost immediately started to get “that feeling.” I experimented a little with the angle and WHAL-LA – found THE spot! This little baby definitely hits you where you need it. In a matter of minutes, I was having a series of G-Spot orgasms that almost woke my son up from a sound slumber! Whoa Nelly!

There is something special about the ridges on this toy – you wouldn’t think you would feel them – but you DO! The head is curved and shaped just right, and the girth is PERFECT! This toy is definitely on my “must have” for G-Spot orgasms list! Be forewarned, however, the toy is wider than a conventional G-Spot vibe – so be prepared to be full! But remember, no matter how full you are, you can always come back for seconds!

Happy shopping to ALL!

Mikayla ;)

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