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Not All Dual Actions Are The Same!


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I must admit to a flaw in my thinking….yes, Howard, I am admitting a mistake! :( I made a grave error in assuming that ALL dual action vibrators were essentially the same…..they most definitely ARE NOT! I was looking through TooTimid’s selection of Dual Actions and came across the SUE JOHANSON ROYAL RABBIT.


Now, I love Sue Johanson’s TV show “Talk Sex” because I love to learn new things, and she definitely knows her stuff. I recommend her show for EVERYONE! She is this little old lady – yes, old lady – who talks about sex, takes calls, and reviews toys, kind of like Dr. Ruth. She is a real “tell it like it is” kind of woman (I, of course, love that!) :D When I saw the toys she endorses, I thought, “hmmmm, I’ll bet there is something to these!” So, I tried to put my stigma that ALL Dual Actions are the same aside and got the Royal Rabbitt – boy am I glad I did!

My first impression was that this toy was much SMALLER than my other Duals, in fact it looks positively tiny compared to them – yet it is 6 “ long and has a 1” girth! I doubted this would feel like anything in my pussy. I did like the texture though, it is made of silicone so it is soooooo soft and nice to touch! I noticed that the head of this toy looks unlike and Dual Action I have ever owned – it has these little “nubbies” that go across the head and little “swirls” for decoration. The shaft is ribbed – for MY pleasure – and the rabbit seems to be in a good place for clitoral stimulation. All this connected to a very simple controller – only 2 buttons – ON and i or VIBE. I was intrigued, only 2 buttons – how could that be good???!!!!

My hubby was away so I was ready to play! After inserting 2AA batteries and a nice dose of lube, I inserted this little wonder and was immediately surprised at the sensation! I expected it to seem “small” and not filling, but it wasn’t – it was – just right! I pushed the "on" button and began the vibrations! Like an experienced lover, the toy began to pleasure me in slow progressions! I felt my orgasm building slowly…..slowly…..pushing another button……orgasm building….after 7 levels of intensity this little baby was in full pulsation and my orgasm was in FULL swing….as if this toy knew that I wanted MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!

I will never again judge all Dual Actions the same…..this little toy taught me a valuable lesson – don’t judge a toy by it’s appearance! I thought it was small – it felt BIG. I thought it had odd-looking bumps – they felt GREAT. I thought only 1 button for action was not enough – it was MORE than enough! The little rabitt IS in the right spot for clitoral stim! This toy would be a GREAT addition to ANY PERSON’S toy box – and especially for beginners! So in the spirit of Sue Johanson, let me tell you like it is – this toy ROCKS! :lol:

This is a Mikayla's must have for beginner's toy!

Happy Shopping.....tell em' Mikayla sent ya!!! hee hee hee! :o

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