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Professor, How About A Little...extra Credit?

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So I have many college courses, and numerous professors. But, none of quite compared to my 730 am professor. We're practically two months into the semester at this point, and I didn't realize until a week ago how extremely, amazingly, turned on I am by him. He's not your typical buff/ripped, tan, blonde, blue eyed guy either. He's tall, nice biceps, cute little tummy, adorable glasses, and the most amazing hair. He's essentially a geek, but chic. chic geek. It's the biggest turn on that he's intelligent and I love his body. It's not even small persay, it's just he has this nice tummy. Every class I just can't stop staring and getting these...wonderful fantasies of me and him.

So class ends, and everyone files out of the room. I stay behind pretending to go over notes and take longer placing all my books in my backpack. I coincidentally wore a baggy sweatshirt and oversized jeans. The last classmate shut the door...there leaving Prof. and I. No other classes were happening in this room... I smile and look around curiously. "Please come to the front of the class," says Prof. in a sharp tone. I nod and do as I'm told. I begin to say, "Prof...I wanted to give you something." Just then, I reach under my sweatshirt and pull out my cute, lacey, bra. and continue, "Just a little reminder of what a great job you do." There the prof. remain silent as this all happens. We stare into each other's eyes for what seems like forever...and then next thing I knew he was perched on the edge of the desk. Slowly, I crept over, opened his legs, and pushed myself upon him. He whispered in my ear, "please." In that moment, he removed his glasses and caressed my bottom and carefully moving his hands up, then back down. We giggle gasping for air. His sweater and collared shirt soon lay on the floor. He pulled off my sweatshirt and I thrusted him onto the desk. There I crawled ontop of him eying him up, and down...over...and over... Off went the belt, and then his pants. "How's this for an assignment... [name]...?" He nods, "Yes, that'll be just fine. Get over here my sexy student." Touching, kissing, bodies moving in perfect synchronization upon the desk, we had passionate, sex. Our eyes never left each other's faces. The feelings, indescribable. Hours later, we dressed and shared another hot, kiss. I smiled and said, "Same time thursday?" He laughed and said, "How about tonight?" I grabbed his body and whispered, "Whenever you want professor. "

Then I snapped out of it, and class was really over. One day, one day...I would love to make that fantasy happen with him.

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