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Hanna Harper's Lil' Wabbit Bullet


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I don't think anyone can have enough bullets. And, bullets are a GREAT starter toy too, since they're usually very simple, relatively quiet, and non-threatening looking. Let's face it, starting off your collection can be quite daunting, not knowing what to try, with everything out there, and then OMG!! There are REALISTIC looking things too??? Wow, it can be quite an intimidating experience for the Toy Newbie!!

I love it when TT gives away any sort of bullet. After all, how can paying just for shipping be all that much of a risk? PLUS the one year guarantee applies to the freebies too, so you got 2 bonuses right there!! And, if you find something that works for YOU, then you got a 3-fer!!!

I was impressed with Hannah Harper's Lil' Wabbit Bullet. Cute, pink, fun, easy to use, and how can anyone be scared of a PINK RABBIT? LOL

WTG TooTimid!!

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I must say that this is STILL one of my favorite bullets. This is my "go-to" bullet (when all else fails or I want a quick Orgasm).

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