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Do you have a PRISONER of LOVE who you want to restrain? Want to explore some light bondage to add spice to your next night of lovemaking? Come on guys, don't be afraid of the bondage - it is F U N with a capital F! ANd you know what else starts with an F!!!!!

Well, these DELUXE DOOR JAM CUFFS are EXCELLENT for anyone interested in light bondage!


My hubby and I love to tie each other up – and I will admit we have furry handcuffs, some nylon rope and blindfolds too – but when I saw these Door Jam Cuffs I was in love! How cool an idea is this – anyone can have their own private dungeon wall just by attaching these cuffs to any standard door! I couldn’t wait for my restraints to come – fantasizing about what I would do to my hubby – or what he would do to me – while either of us was restrained!

When they came I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for my hubby to come home to use them! I took them out of the box and investigated. Seemed simple enough. There are these little plastic “bars” attached to an adjustable strap which the comfortable cuff then attaches to. Two of the plastic bars slip OVER the top of the door while open – then you close the door and WHAL-LA – instant hanging cuffs! If you want foot cuffs too, you open the door and slide the two remaining plastic bars under the door and then close it and then instantly 4 pairs of cuffs! Boy was I READY for tonight!

My hubby called and said he would be really late – dinner and drinks with the guys – so I decided to have some fun. I left him a note telling him to meet me upstairs – sorry, intimate details of my note a secret. I put on my most bodacious leather corset and NOTHING else and affixed my feet into the bottom cuffs – they wouldn’t be tight, but that was OK. I had adjusted the length of the wrist cuffs for my height earlier, so I opened the left cuff so I could easily slide my hand in – then slid it out and fastened my right wrist tightly in the other cuff. When I heard my hubby coming, I slid my left wrist in – it wasn’t tight – but the effect was great!

When my hubby saw me hanging from our closet door – well, let’s just say he was sorry he was late! He quickly affixed the left cuff tighter, put on my blindfold, grabbed our little whip and we got down to some dirty business! Those cuffs can really take some tugging – I can tell you that!

These restraints are wonderful! They really hold up as long as your doors close properly. I am short – 5’ 3” – so they do adjust quite a bit! The comfort level of the cuffs is nice – they don’t pinch or leave marks – as they are somewhat padded. The “cuffs” attach with a clasp, so if you wish you can use the cuffs with other bondage gear – if you have other gear. So for the novice or the experienced bondage player – these Door Jam Cuffs will inspire you to experiment with new levels of play - and one thing is for sure – your PASSION will not be restrained!

This is a Mikayla's MUST HAVE for those Bondage or Kinky lovers!

Happy Shopping!

Mikayla :ph34r:

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