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Bumps And Grinds


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We were looking for something fun and thought this might be it. It comes in an easy-to-store box which is nice. In the game you get the following: game board, 1 die, 6 pawns (3 yellow and 3 blue), 32 cocktail cards and a feather boa (alcohol is not included, though it can certainly spice up the game!). This game is made for 2-6 players. The only downfall with that is I think they should have made the pawns different colors instead of 3 of each color. The boa I will warn you leaves a trail everywhere . . . lol.

The object is to be the last remaining player with clothes on. To me that is no fun but I will go along with the game. There are several spots on the board: lose a turn, bumps and grinds, everybody drink, cocktail card, and Kool Kat Lounge.

Lose a turn is self explanatory.

Bumps and Grinds---the person that lands on this spot must remove only 1 piece of clothing.

Everybody Drink--all players take a sip of their favorite beverage :D

Cocktail cards have various acts to be performed listed on them, for example: one card says to crouch on the floor and hop over to another player, then hump their leg for a few seconds; another card instructs the person to give 4 kisses on the ass and 2 parts nipple nibbling. The cards range from little things like answering a question to larger tasks like performing various actions. These cards provide a lot of fun and laughs.

With the Kool Kat Lounge, if you land there you have to try to roll an odd number on your next turn (think of it as jail in Monopoly). If you fail to roll an odd number you stay and have to take sips of a drink corresponding to the die roll. You stay until you roll an odd number.

To end the game the player that has finally stripped down to their last piece of clothing and then lands on the bumps and grinds space must perform a sexy striptease with the feather boa for the remaining players.

This game definitely provides some ice-breaking fun. I would imagine, with the right group of people, fun could go up exponentially!

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