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How Can I Get Tighter


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Ok.....this is really for all of you 40+ ladies. After 4 kids, and all I have lost quit a bit of vaginal muscle tone. Is there something other than surgery that i can do to tighten up....I'm doing Kegles, but things aren't progressing very quickly...is there anything you all might recommend as a temporary solution while I continue to squeeze out Kegles?

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Actually, that question isn't for only the 40+ ladies, it is for all of us! If we do not do our kegels every day, and I mean EVERY day ....then we will loose muscle tone, and we will get "looser" in a sense. Those PC muscles HAVE to be worked out...they are meant to be. So you do have to do them. Do them in the morning while you are primping for work, do them on the bus or train, do them at the office, do them while you are cooking dinner...and by GOD, do them while you are having sex...your man will LOVE it!

As far as I know, there is no better way to strengthen those muscles than the kegels! Just keep doing it, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen. I know there are little machines you can buy to help - but I think they are crap - just use what God gave you - your own muscles!

Keep going, I did about 100 while I typed this! :):D:lol:


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