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Would you find it a turn on if your boyfriend or husband joined you in a 3some with another girl???? If you would why. My girlfriend said she would find it a turn on :P

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When you say "joined me" you mean like I was having a 2-some first, and then he came in? Or, you mean it was all arranged to be a FFM 3-some?

I enjoy 3-somes, at least I did before I was married. Now that we are - we keep sex only for ourselves - mainly because of the experiences I have had with 3-somes previous to my marriage. It isn't that my hubby wouldn't LOVE to be with 2 women, I am must sure he would, and I would love another chance to feel the special touch of another woman, suck some tits and taste pussy once more....but .....I KNOW what happens with 3-somes, and I won't do that. In fact, it would be more my hb who wouldn't let it happen anyway.

However, your question asked only if it would be a turn on if he joined me - YES, IT WOULD BE A TREMENDOUS turn-on! I would love to be with my hb and another woman!

Mikayla :rolleyes:

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