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What She Really Wants


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There are men who don't really get that there is more to cunnilingus than just cunnilingus. Sad because making a women feel great is really fun, and not just for the gal. So I'd like to help.

Guys, some of this will seem like bs. Just try to keep an open mind.

You love her, right? You think she is a babe, right? Say so. Actually tell her. Don't go "Honey, I love you & your great rack" and then dive for the target. No, you are creating a mood, like getting ready for Thanksgiving. Try a midday call to tell her what a great SO she is. Add spice by telling her how that tight T-shirt and jeans affects you. This mental foreplay will arouse her. She will hear that she is the object of your love and lust. How great is that?

Ready from actual contact? Hold on. First a chat about her day or what's on her mind. Helps clears the decks. Makes her feel cared about. Next, she will want a nice hug and sweet kisses on the mouth. It costs nothing. Go on. Psst! This is actual physical foreplay now. See twinkle in her eyes.

Now stand behind her. Begin to kiss her neck softly. Nibble the ear lobes. Use your hands to caress her hips, butt, inner thighs. Cup her magnificent breasts. She is still fully dressed, but not for long. She should be pressing her butt against your groin. She wants to feel that you are as turned on as she is. If you aren't then you are clinically dead.

Noticed that you are in control, but you are doing what she wants. You are reading her mind. Big Turn On!

Time to undress her. You got an armchair in the living room? Head to it. Have her sit down so you can gallantly relieve her of those unnecessary garments. As you reveal her body, you are telling her how great everything looks and feels. Once she is naked, get naked yourself, and then kneel in front of her, pressing your chest up against her bush as her legs pass either side of you. She is reclining comfortably. Kiss her tummy side-to-side, up-and-down. Take your time.

Next, is boob spa day. Stroke the outside of her breasts with your hands. Then stroke over the top just barely caressing the nipple on the way over. Yeah, you are torturing her. Is she complaining? Yes, because she needs your wet, warm mouth over one of her aching, hard nipples...NOW! You softly suck and release one of her nipples for a while, sometimes running your tongue around the aeriola. Then repeat on other breast.

Is her tummy getting tense? Is she pressing her bush into you and squeezing with her thighs? Has she wrapped her arms around your head? Are her eyes closed? Is she breathing heavy? Can you smell nectar?

Put her legs either side of your head. The back of her heels are resting on your back. Hold the back of her thighs in each hand and spread her legs. Kiss her inner thighs, working close to the bush and then retreating and then back. Start talking about what you are going to do with your mouth and tongue.

OK, she's suffered enough. Start to stroke her lips and clit with your tongue. North-to-South, East-to-West, clockwise or anti-clockwise. Its all good as long as you get the pressure right and are not going fast. Casually licking an ice cream. Taste good? It should. She's been marinating since you took her cloths off.

Keep gliding your tongue at a steady pace and pressure. She will let you know if she needs it harder & faster, or concentrated more on the clit. Every so often come up for air and tell her how good she tastes. Then back down. Some gals like to have their man suck all her lips into his mouth. Try gently sucking it all in and releasing a few times.

She is probably ready for her O. Is she grinding herself into your face? Clamped her thighs around your ears, grabbed you by the hair? Is her stomach clenched? Start licking just the clit, going a bit firmer and faster than before. Meanwhile, take a finger and start to press it slowly into her canal, going a little bit deaper with each thrust. It should slide in quite easily.

After a few minutes of simultaneous licking and fingering she will be shuddering and bucking in the chair. Keep licking but ease up a bit, and slow down your finger as you gradually bring her gently back to Earth.

That’s one way to put a smile on her face.

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