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A New Year Is On The Way!


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all here at TT. As Christmas is near so is the New Year. Is there anything you would like to change in the upcoming New Year to make a New and better you?

I found that in the past if you try to make to many changes I tend to fail. So this year I am going to just make some small changes that in the long run I hope will lead to bigger and better changes...Like eating more vegtables and drinking more water...instead of saying I want to lose 20lbs I hope these little changes will lead to the bigger change I want.

I also really want to enjoy life and see the joy in it everday. I realized with the Holidays near that I just get to stressed and dont really enjoy the little things life has to offer....just enjoying my kids and all the little things they do. Going sledding with them the other day just to go and have some fun was a true joy for all of us. That made me think about when I yell at them for dirt on my clean carpet. Is that really something to get upset over??? Now I see its not....I am going to pick my battles and take a good step back and rethink things before I react. (or atleast that is what I am shooting for in the New Year)Trying to do everything and be everything does take its toll...and I am going to try to let somethings go or atleast try to not let all the little things get to me...it will be hard at first but I think I can do it.

I am going to take time for myself....I dont do that now and I know I need to...because a better me means a better me for everyone. Like the saying goes "If mama aint happy no one is" lol.

I also would like to pay it forward more.....yes I know I sound like Oprah lol...but the few things I have done in the past few weeks with helping others really made a change in the way I feel. It made me feel good and truly happy. It wasnt major things just little things like helping a elderly neighbor with her bags. Letting the mom behind me in the supermarket with the crying kids and a cart full cut infront of me in line. These little things are the things I lost somewhere along the way. I now realize that I need to teach my children to help and do more for others...just to do it...not because something maybe in it for them.

Along the way Im sure I will find other changes I would like to make....but for now its a start.

Again Happy Holidays to one and all!!!!!

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