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ok people im to new to this site a friend of mines husband bought her this remote control egg she loves the whole idea that she puts it on and he can turn in on and stimulate her and no one knows whats going on but the 2 of them im interested in it for my husband and i. has anyone ever try it if so did you like it and what other toy could my husband and i use in the public to spark some extra excitment that know one else would know besides us.

thank you all for advice on the squirting during Gspot :lol::lol::D

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This seems to be the new, hip thing in foreplay....buzzing your gf from across the dinner table from your remote control!

I have not yet experienced this wonder of foreplay (I know AMAZING FOR ME, RIGHT??), I tend to concentrate more on following my man to the bathroom and taking him in the stall and fucking him right there! However, that is not what you asked.

As for remote products...I know that the remote control Butterfly and the remote control Silicone Arouser are supposedly 2 superior products for remote action! I would suggest you try either of those! I think the Butterfly is simply clitoral stim, and the arouser has some insertion ivolved! Options, options!

Let us know how that turns out, perhaps YOU will end up in a bathroom stall!



happy Playing!


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you are truly hilarius thanks you for being so helpful will keep you posted i have tried the stall and loved it

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