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So, anyone who has read, knows pretty much what is going on in my life at the moment. Well, now I'm wondering if my STBX(soon to be X) is having an affair (cyber). And the worst part is, is that she is REALLY young. He informed me last night, right before I was going to sleep that he now has his self-respect back and that I have been treating him like shit for our relationship!! HELLOOOO!!! WTF!! We have been married almost 10 years and he decides this NOW! The reason I say I think he's cheating, is cause the timing is too wierd. Like, this all comes out of nowhere, and he can't make up his mind of the reason. I think he's just trying to alleviate his feelings of guilt. I acknowledge the fact that I am a self-centered person, (although I try not to be). He told my 6y/o daughter that I won't buy or give him money to eat!!!! That pissed me off. But, okay, whatever he feels. Right?! I'm bout to tell him to not wait on a payday for him, get the fuck out now!! This is too stressful him being here. All he's doing is drinking as soon as the kids go to bed and talking on the phone to his "friend". She used to be our friend even though she's young, she is mature. I think he's talking to her because she takes his side and noone that really knows me and the situation will take his side cause HELLOOOO!!! you don't work and have the nerve to tell me I treat you like shit when all I ask is that you keep the house picked up?!?!?! And occasionally have something for the kids to eat!! Oh no!! I'm asking too much now!!. Sorry so long, I'm just really irritated and pissed about the whole deal. I will move on I promise. Any advice or should I just keep doing what I'm doing and ignore his outbursts.


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Now I will tell you this, men gravitate toward women who treat them well and tend to despise selfish, self centered ones and IMO are totally justified should they decide to have an affair.

That may be your opinion Poon, I understand where you are coming from.

...BUT I don't think it is justified UNLESS they have TRIED EVERYTHING to fix it first. If they just come out of nowhere saying all that stuff and are having an affair... FUCK that! I'm sorry it is just an excuse used by the guy to pull "justification" out of his ass!

Sorry TNT, again, I have been through a lot too! ...you can PM me ANYTIME... girl I am here if you need.

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