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Honestly, I've never been one for nubbies. They usually hurt me more than help me. So when this one came out of the box, I gave a groan (and not a good one). For some reason, I had not seen the nubbies in the picture. "Well, maybe the soft jelly material will make it easier", I figured. Let me tell you, I love figuring right :D This thing is awesome!

First off, it has 3 speeds controlled by a little push-button at the end of the toy. You slide in 2 AA batteries, and it's off you go. As usual, the first 2 speeds are good enough for me. There's the side with the nubbies, which are smooth and relatively long, with no really hard-core direct stimulation. The other side is smooth, and reminds me of the "beaver" style clit stimulators, even though it's thicker than most. The motor isn't directly in the tip, but set a little lower. It's also waterproof, which is yet another happy point :) Heck, it's even quiet and relatively scentless (most of us have yet to come across a completely scentless toy, let's be honest)!

While this one's gonna be at the top of my box for a good long while (pun intended), I don't think it would be a good one for anyone who needs direct, intense clit stimulation. Not to put this toy down, but it just isn't designed to provide that particular service.

My other purple friend :)

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