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Girls Night Out - Chapter 1&2


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Something I've been working on - if you like, I'll post the next two chapters

Chapter One

She enters the bar with friends expecting a night of fun and relaxation after a busy week. What she doesn’t expect is yet to come. The night begins and music plays; friends laugh and drink. She sees him across the room drinking a beer, shooting pool, and hanging with the guys. They make eye contact as the pool cue slides straight and true through his hands sinking the eight ball in the corner pocket. She feels good as the beer eases the week’s tensions and her inhibitions. She excuses herself for a quick trip to the ladies room, near the pool tables. She spies him looking at her, but then again, most guys did. He smiles, winks, and turns to encourage his buddy. Her body suddenly feels warm. In the bathroom, she looks in the mirror asking her self why. After all, she could probably have most any guy in the room. What made him any different? She still passed for half her age and every curve was in the right place. Blessed with a beautiful body with perfect breasts made even better with two nipple rings, her eyes glowed when she was turned on, taming any man in her sight. Why did this man make her heart skip a beat? She collects herself and steps out to rejoin the group. And there he was, walking towards her. She tried to move aside but their bodies touched, just for a moment. The hallway was narrow and dimly light; it couldn’t be helped. In that instant, she knew she wanted him. The way he smelled; the way he walked; the sound of his voice; all reached deep inside awakening emotions, desires, fantasies long since thought gone.

Soon she is laughing, dancing, and drinking with her friends. All the while, however, she is fully aware of where he is. From time to time, he looks over. Is he checking her out? She closes her eyes for a moment and imagines his hands on her body, pulling her close. She startles herself as warm sensations fill her body once again. Excusing herself, she heads to the ladies room to cool off. Only this time, he was waiting, so she thought. Nine Inch Nails played on the jukebox. The lyrics suddenly ran through her head. They couldn’t help but touch. The hallway was too small, or was it. When she came out, he was gone. Why did she feel this way? They had never met and, most likely, would never again.

The night drew to a close. She got her best friend back to her room. She was a lot of fun but had a habit of partying a little too much sometimes. Okay, all the time. She walked slowly back to her room, opened the door and stood frozen. The room was lit with candles. Music played softly yet the beat seemed to course through her feet and up into her body. There he stood wearing almost nothing. The light flickered off every muscle. His skin seemed to glow. She wondered. How did he get here? How did he know which room was hers? Who cares? She closed the door and turned the lock. It seemed her night wasn’t over just yet. In fact, it was just beginning.

Chapter Two

A ray of light pierced through the curtains as if nature’s own wake up call while a soft spring rain danced outside the window. She woke fully rested for the first time in years. The room was empty, peaceful. Slowly, she began to recall the events of last night. It was still there – so it hadn’t been a dream after all. A single rose lay across the table by her side. Only the ruffled sheets gave any sign that someone else had been there. It had started slowly, deliberately and climaxing in the midst of a thunderstorm that barely concealed the sound of their passion. She picked up the rose, laid it across her breasts and breathed deeply. She could still smell him.

He had appeared in her room from no where yet any sense of fear or danger dissolved instantly the moment he touched her. He asked, no he instructed here to remove her clothes, piece by piece. A part of her protested, yet she complied not knowing why. He admired her body as it was slowly revealed by the candlelight bathing the room in a soft glow. She could clearly see he liked what he saw. That warm sensation began to pulse through her body. She could feel her heartbeat quicken; nipples hard. He stepped close to her naked body. Hands gently traced the curvature of her soft, smooth skin. They never touched though she could hardly tell. The feeling was electric and the deep groan of appreciation, expectation, and pure lust emerging from his lips made her knees weak. She closed her eyes for only a moment and suddenly she was in his arms. He was strong and hard, very hard. His grip firm yet gentle. Their lips found each other, releasing a flood gate of desires locked away for so long she had forgotten they were there. The room spun. Tongues intertwined, teasing and testing the boundaries as hands feverishly explored every inch. Her eyes opened wide as she gripped him tightly. She pushed him away and stepped back to see all of him. There was a lot to see and bending down to remove the last vestiges of clothing, she saw much, much more. With a wicked smile, she gripped the shaft of his cock and began to flick the tip with her tongue. His hands ran through her hair pressing her nearer as she closed her lips around him. Rhythmically bobbing and sucking, he grew still more, filling her mouth completely. His body began to shudder and she knew he was close. Oh how she wanted to taste him, to feel him explode. But first, she wanted him, no needed him inside her.

She stood and walked to the bed, bent over and looked back at him with that same wicked smile, daring him. As if in a trance, he stepped closer and entered her slowly even though she was already so wet. She grasped the sheets and balled them up in her fists as his hands guided her hips deeper. Soon, the passion buried inside for so long could not be contained any longer. She pushed back against him with each thrust as his hands gripped her shoulders tightly. The fantasies, desires, and the need for release welled up in her head and escaped her lips in a single sentence, “Fuck me”. Needing no encouragement, he shifted ever so slightly and went even deeper into her throbbing pussy. With a gasp, she slipped over the edge and her body was not her own. She felt his cock expand and then explode sending hot cum spiraling through her body. The rhythm was intense. She could not let go of this feeling and he obliged her. The pace eventually slowed. He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her close and playfully pinched her nipple. She awoke realizing she had pinched herself. Her other hand was between her thighs; it was wet. She knew it had not been a dream because there was more....

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So GOOD! I like the next part!!! I guess I read that one first!

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