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Girls Night Out - Chapter 3, 4, 5


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Chapter Three

They lay quiet for a moment, legs woven together in embrace. His hand caressed her thighs and hips. They stared into nothing, not daring to speak, to understand, or even wonder lest the moment slip away. Even the storm had subsided temporarily as if in sync with their bodies. Her hand lay across his chest; sweat still glistened. After a while, neither knew how long, they began again. This time, though, it was different. He took his time and she let him lead.

The rain began to quicken as flashes of lightning threatened from a distance. He laid her back and began at her neck moving downward with each kiss. Her nipples hardened as his tongue swirled around them. He bit down on the nipple ring and tugged gently. She smiled and moaned to encourage him. Her breasts were large and round and soft and, in a word, perfect. His mouth opened wide to suckle and she arched her back in pleasure. She could feel him grow hard against her thighs. He pulled away, however, when she reached for him. It was not time. The rain grew steadily and the rumble of thunder drew closer. He slipped between her legs and spread her thighs as his kisses reached her stomach. Already, she was wet with anticipation. It all seemed in slow motion as his mouth found its destination. He kissed the lips of her swollen red pussy. She was so ready. Two fingers gently pulled her skin back to expose her clitoris. He flicked it with his tongue and sucked it between his lips. Her eyes opened wide; this was unbelievable. Alternately between her clitoris and her pussy, his tongue worked magic and soon she was lost in a sea of tingling sensations that threatened to destroy any sense of control she had. A finger slipped inside, then two, seeking that sweet spot sure to send her over the edge again. She pushed her hips closer as hands reached out for anything to steady her writhing body. He sucked her so hard. One hand played with her nipple while the other ran circles around her other point of entry. This was just too much. With both hands, she grabbed his head and pressed his mouth tight against her pussy. His tongue slide deep inside as he sucked the sweet juices that began to flow. His hands gripped her ass tightly; her hips lost control and bucked and arched as each new wave of desire swept over her body. Her vibrator had always brought her to orgasm, but nothing like this. Soon, he wrapped his arms around her thighs and held on like a bull rider in the ring. With a monstrous clap of thunder outside the hotel room window, she came to orgasm so intense it almost scared her. Was this really happening? Was it real? She could not think, only feel, and she felt everything all at once.

The warm front passed over them and the thunder quieted. The rain was steady and hard. She should have been exhausted but felt exactly the opposite. He looked up at her and grinned. She smiled back and reached for him. This time he accepted and moved up to meet her face to face. They kissed long and hard and she felt him press into her mid-section. With a quickness that surprised both of them, she rolled him over and landed on top. Her body leaned forward so he could suck her nipple briefly as she played with his balls and stiff cock. Guiding him inside, she leaned back taking him all the way inside. It was his turn to moan. His eyes open wide and a smile spreading across his wet face, he pushed his hips up. She rocked back and forth with her hands on his chest to steady herself. Eyes closed in concentration working to exact every ounce of desire from his body and hers. The pounding rain seemed to urge them on and they quickened their pace. He was close, she almost feel it welling up inside his cock before it happened. He felt so good, so deep inside her; their bodies inseparable. His nails dug deep into her hips. The rhythm broke as his body convulsed several times sinking his large cock so deep she felt it in her stomach. Hot cum shot with such force with each new thrust. Finally, he fell back against the sheets tired and sweaty. Her hair veiled their faces as she leaned forward to kiss him passionately. She lay down on top of him, his cock still inside her, and listened to his heartbeat slowly return to normal. He whispered something. She did not know what it was he said – she did not want to know. It didn’t matter. The words had already been spoken silently between them. They lay together for a time, it seemed longer, and just listened to the rain. It cut them off from the rest of the world, creating a world of their own, and preserved the moment. After a time, he rose to drink a glass of water. The shower started and he stepped in as she quietly relished her release of worry and inhibitions. Then she stood and joined him.

Chapter Four

She peeked around the edge of the curtain to see him standing with eyes closed and face lifted to the warm water falling from the showerhead. Silently, she stepped in from behind and wrapped her arms around him. Her hands ran across his chest and stomach. He was nice to look at and nicer to touch. He turned to face her and curled his arms around her shoulders in embrace. They turned as one and both were showered with warm, soft water that washed the sweat away. A word was spoken, neither knew when or even what is was, but it broke the silence. First a smile and then a chuckle and soon they were laughing. It was enough to wash away the last ounce of timidity. She bit his nipple; he pinched her ass. Soon they were both aroused and the game took a different turn. Their lips met in a long, deep kiss. He leaned down to suckle her breast as warm water cascaded over her chest. His hands slide between her thighs. As if she wasn’t wet already, her body instantly responded to his touch. It was if he knew exactly what turned her on. She grabbed his cock and felt it harden between her fingers as she squeezed. He pushed her against the shower wall and she steadied her feet on the edge of the tub. With renewed sense of urgency, he entered her pussy. She had never made love in the shower before and the experience was exhilarating. He drove so deep and the angle rubbed her clitoris every time. Steam filled the room, rolled across the ceiling and enveloped them. The position was unbelievable but required a lot of work so they moved to the counter. He lifted her up, wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her to him. She leaned back on her hands so she could watch his stiff cock thrusting in and out of her pussy. The sight was too much and she quickly reached the point of no return. Crying out, she grasped the back of his neck with both her hands and held on as her hips moved wildly in orgasm. He arched his back driving his cock even further into her throbbing pussy. My God – this felt good! It couldn’t get any better – right?

They dried each other off and tossed the towels on the floor. She stepped out of the bathroom first as he followed, entranced by the shape of her body. Pulling the sheets back, she laid down on the bed as he slipped into the armchair. The rain steadily poured as an occasional roll of thunder interrupted the silence. The candles burned low and distance flashes of lightning added to the flames casting images on the wall. Music still played though it was subdued. His eyes absorbed every inch of her body, the softness of her skin, the taste of her lips, and the sound of her voice. She was fully and completely relaxed with a man she’d never yet. Her body was still in a state of euphoria. There was little to say though they did make small talk about nothing. She found herself talking about work when he interrupted her, suddenly. “I want you”, he said. The words hung in mid-air. Words she had only imagined he might say. She stood and walked towards him. The anticipation alone made his cock stiffen and stand straight and true. Still sitting in the chair, she straddled his thighs and slide on top of him as he entered inside. He closed his eyes for a moment as she began to rock fore and aft. Soon, however, he reached for her and his hands, in the small of her back, pulled her breasts to his mouth. She controlled the pace and the depth making it last as long as possible. At one point, she stopped and turned to face away from him, just to try something different. It was good, very good, but not as good as looking into his eyes and seeing the satisfaction that she gave him. It had been so long since she felt this way. She was pleasuring this man in a way only a women could do, no – only she could do. That thought brought a smile to her face and she hugged him tightly as his erection burst again inside her. Their bodies hung in the balance, woven together in time, cut off from their lives, surrounded by four walls, and hidden by the endless curtain of rain falling outside the room. At some point, they moved to the bed and lay quietly resting, not fully awake or fully asleep, periodically shifting enough to touch each other. The rain slowed but continued on. A candle flickered out and then another leaving only one candle to keep the darkness at bay. Her head lay on his chest listening to his beating heart. His hand, in the small of her back, caressed tiny goose bumps from her skin. In the early hours of the morning, she drifted off to sleep still protected by his arms. She slept peacefully, but not for long.

Chapter Five

Was this real? Her body told her so. Sensations of pleasure still coursed up and down, through every finger and toe. It was the thoughts and emotions that captured her attention most of all as she lay quietly staring at the ceiling. Her hands softly traced the tattoo on his chest – what did it mean? Who was this man? His words were few yet he spoke volumes through his eyes, his touch, and his actions. The last part made her smile – it felt so good, she couldn’t help it. During the silence she heard the distant rumble of thunder chasing the passing storm and threatening to interrupt someone else’s night. She closed her eyes and let herself drift aimlessly in a sea of emotions.

A soft brush against her lips and a warm breath across her nipple drew her back from her slumber. In between sleep and consciousness, she realized he was kissing her body ever so gently and never in the same place twice. Fingertips gently traced the outlines of her neck and shoulders, breasts and hips. It felt like she floating in a mist, wrapped by a warm blanket, yet not knowing or caring where she was. She reached out; he was there. She spread her legs to receive him and he slipped slowly inside. There was no rush, no hurry this time. He took his time alternately deep and shallow ever increasing the blood rushing to her moistening pussy as it hurried to catch up with his stiff cock. So deep inside it reached that a breath escaped each time and smile creased her lips. He lay close so her chest just rubbed against her nipples. His cologne awakened her senses and her arms snaked around his waist while her hands cupped his muscled ass. The pace quickened just a little as both were fully aroused. They made it last as long as possible. The result was just as satisfying, feeling his cock fill her once again. With one hand cradling her head and the other supporting his weight, he leaned over and brushed the hair from her face and kissed her on the forehead, below each eye and finally on the lips. They remained suspended in that position for several minutes not wishing to lose the moment. The last candle flickered out. The room was dark and quiet, except the rain. Then he was gone.

So relaxed was she that she never really noticed. Actually, she had never even opened her eyes. Her pussy, now a little sore from all the action, gave any indication of what had just happened. The rain grew steadily again followed by flashes of light and the sound of thunder. Across the room, she could see him sitting, lost in his thoughts. Maybe he was just as confused by what had happened between. This was not simply a one night stand – feelings and emotions locked far away had been opened magically by the key each held in their hearts. They knew it would not last and they dare not say it out loud. It was the moment, the desire, and the passion given and taken so tenderly that held together just a little bit longer. She rolled over to her side and held tightly to his pillow, even now still strong with his cologne.

Between the pounding rain and roll of thunder, she hardly knew when he climbed into the bed next to her. She did know the minute his warm body spooned against her. He lay with one leg between her and his arm wrapped around her waist and cupping her breast. He softly ran circles around her nipples with his fingertips and the palms of his hand. She lay quietly enjoying every second. He was kissing the nap of her neck, breathing hot air across her ears, and rubbing his toes against her leg. But, it was the sensation of his cock growing stiff and pressing into the small of her back that brought her fully awake. She reached back and grabbed his balls. He bit her ear and her body stiffened as if some imaginary ON button had been pressed. She guided him between her thighs and his cock slide back and forth against the lips of her pussy. The warmth of his body against her quickly dissipated the coolness of the room. Rhythm came easy at this point and they were growing accustomed to what pleased them both. She like the feeling of him over her body; it felt protective and she like giving him control. Her fingers played with her clitoris and the combination of his cock and her own hands allowed her to quickly reach orgasm. The moans and groans of passion urged him on and the pace quickened. She wanted all of him, at least one more time. Pulling her leg closer to her chest permitted him to completely straddle her other leg and his cock sunk deeper. She looked into his eyes. “Are you ready”, he asked. She simply nodded willingly, yet having no idea what was coming next. With a single stroke, his cock slipped from pussy into her ass. Never had she expected the sensation that followed. In an instant, she dug her nails into his arms as her free hand rubbed her wet pussy and slipped a finger or two inside. The orgasm was unbelievable and she lost all control, gasping for more. The sounds from her lips were not her own. She had always enjoyed sex, but this was so much more. The exertion was finally rewarded when he let out a throaty groan as his cock burst within her. Legs wrapped, arms locked, they embraced and slowly caught their breath. He rolled from the bed and soon the shower could be heard again. This time, she waited and wondered. What would come next?

The wind still blew and the rain still poured although it was quieter now. Exhaustion took over and she fell asleep. He was beside her until night gave way to early morning. When he left, she did not know though she knew he would. A ray of sunlight cut through the curtains and light up the table beside. The reflection caused her to stir and open her eyes to investigate. What she saw caused her emotions to well up inside her all at once. A long stem rose, its bud opened to full blossom, lay illuminated by the light. She stepped into the warm sunlight of a beautiful spring morning feeling strangely calm despite the emotions swirling in her heart. She hoped they would meet again someday; he did too. Until then, she would remember the night that was, and smile.

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Intoxicating and VERY HOT!!

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