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I'd love to ask my wife if I can come on her face after oral sex...am I getting to kinky...do women like this?

Interesting question. Complex answers. I think it depends on the woman and her openess to try new things.

I've heard some women say it's degrading and repulsive and would NEVER try it. Others who enjoy different aspects of sexuality and keeping it fun might be willing to try it. At least once!

I believe a good portion of the enjoyment during sex is pleasing our partner, not just being on the receiving end.

I have to laugh now, I'm thinking back to reading Mikayla's posts on 'swallowing' ... if your wife isn't into swallowing, perhaps she might actually be open to trying this for you - only you know for sure if she would be open to the idea - ask her. What have you got to lose? :P

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