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Preliminary Accident Report FT 1549. Captain held responsible for

unauthorized actions which resulted in crash says F.A.A..

Subject: NTSB Report on Flight 1549

US Airways violated Federal migratory bird regulations by hunting geese

with an A320 Airbus jetliner, claim anonymous government sources. The

pilot of flight 1549, Air Force veteran and avid hunter Chesley B.

Sullenberger, tried combining both of his interests by bagging a brace of

geese over the wetlands near New York's LaGuardia airport after takeoff, on

his way to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The imported European $77 million A320 airliner is not certified for either

waterfowl or upland bird hunting, so it was not surprising that the

aircraft malfunctioned. When he realized that both New York and New Jersey

State Game and Fish enforcement officers would soon be approaching, Captain

Sullenberger unsuccessfully attempted to hide the plane in the Hudson River


The crew and 150 passengers were chilled and shaken but unhurt. Most were

simply grateful to avoid spending the weekend in Charlotte .

National Transportation Safety Board inspectors rushed to the scene, and

reportedly found no Duck Stamps on the downed aircraft's fuselage. Captain

Sullenberger has not been charged, but is being held incommunicado at an

undisclosed location.

PETA is urging the government to prosecute the pilot for double honkercide

and poaching, and the animal rights group is expected to file a civil suit

on behalf of the flock. The two victims were undocumented aliens,

according to sources close to the investigation, Canada geese who had

over-stayed their visas. Their goose gang scandalized their quiet Queens

community by squatting in local cemeteries and golf courses, parking on the

grass, cooking strange-smelling food and throwing wild parties late into

the night. Neighbors say police dogs were called out on several occasions.

Such incidents have triggered a wave of anti-Canada goose sentiment, but at

this time revenge or hate crime motives are not suspected in the US Airways

bird bashings.

Forensic examination of the avian corpses continues, and technicians are

analyzing the two cadavers under heat with chestnuts, prunes, and Armagnac.

NTSB inspectors have contributed a supply of testing fluid, a 2005

Zind-Humbrecht Riesling from Alsace . We will update this story as entrees

details become available.

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Guess people who hunt deer and other animals with their vehicles better keep an eye on the rulings here!

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