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Hi All!

I just wanted to share my knowledge of a new show (well, it might not be new, but I just found it) that airs on The Discovery Health Channel Wednesdays at Midnight (and there are reruns too)!

Dr. Drew, many of you probably have heard of, has been on the radio with Adam Carolla, and had a very popular sex talk radio program. He has breached almost every subject out there. The reason I like this show is he doesn't just sit and talk about sex, he brings on guests who are prominent doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and more to give substantial backing to what he claims.

The episode I just watched had one of the former Surgeon Generals who was advocating masturbation - and she said that when you masturbate "you will never get a disease, you will never get pregnant, and you are always having sex with someone you love" I thought that was BRILLIANT!

He covers topics from masturbation to pregnancy to HIV to anal sex! If you want to have an informative and fun look at serious sexual issues, tune in or TIVO Dr. Drew and increase your knowledge about sex - I sure am.


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No Howard....Adam is NOT on this show. It is educational first, entertaining second. It is Dr. Drew and other DR's and esteemed guests. Plus, they take questions about sex from the audience and the street interviews. It is not a spoof show, like the previous show, but a real, education-based show.

I would not advocate watching the other show except for fun. This show is for learning. Everyone can learn about sex!

Plus, it is on the Dicovery-Healthy channel - not HBO or Cinnemax, or one of those!

Mikayla ;)

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Wow, I'll have to check that out. We just got Discovery back after ditching satellite and going back to cable. Thanks for the FYI you guys!

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