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Tera Patrick Waterproof Keychain Massager


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I saw this and it grabbed my interest. It's definitely too big to really be for a keychain, but it's still interesting. This is a pretty pink metallic color and takes 1 AA battery (not included). The toy comes with 5 various attachments which are: a round cap, slightly pronounced nubs, medium sized nubs, very pronounced nubs, and then another one with 4 little nubs rising from it. These are easily interchanged by pulling them off and then putting on the one you want. I recommend you turn off the toy before you interchange the pieces.

You pull the toy apart in the middle and insert the one battery and then just push the two ends back together. This toy is waterproof so it makes cleaning it easy. I first washed each of the attachments in warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Then the main part of the toy as well so that everything is clean.

To use this toy, select the attachment and place it on the tip. Then you just need to turn the middle of the toy to adjust the strength of the setting.. I would say it ranges from low to medium---I would not qualify it as strong. Also, it is a little louder than I would like as the battery vibrates against the metal on the inside. There is no way of insulating it. The various attachments give various effects. It can be used on your nipples or clit for that lovely teasing effect.

The nubs feel very nice being rubbed along my nipples and they perk right up to attention. I tried it along my clit and was not as happy with it. It was not strong enough for the desired effect.

If you are wanting a toy to take you over the edge, this is not that kind of toy. To me, this is more of a teaser toy.

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