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Tantus Buzz - Perfect, Purple, Pleasure Pal


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Oh MY GOD! If you do not have a SILICONE toy - then ladies (and gentlemen) you have GOT to get one! I just tried the Tantus Buzz 100% Silicone vibrating penis and it is GREAT!


The Tantus Buzz will having you humming with pleasure in no time flat! In fact, this toy could be used for vaginal play too. It is also designed for harness play – so BOTH of you can enjoy the pleasure (you know you want to)– so you decide – where do you want your buzz?

This toy is a super smooth silicone stud (say that 10 times fast) that will have you moaning in ecstasy quicker than you can.....well, faster than you can say that 10 times fast! Made of 100% Silicone, the Tantus is hypoallergenic and completely hygienic -which I absolutely LOVE! Since it is 100% Silicone, you can run it through the dishwasher, boil it or simply wash it with soap and water – whatever you choose, a quick cleaning and you are ready for your next session of play! You can easily go from anal to pussy or pussy to anal with just a quick clean with anti-bacterial soap - I would not recommend that with other toys.

The only rule with regard to a Silicone toy is NEVER USE A SILICONE-BASED LUBE – IT WILL ERODE THE TOY! All other lubes are completely safe!

I was so excited to get my Tantus – not only is it a brilliant purple color (you know I love the pretty things) but I was looking forward to a thicker, more phallic shaped Anal toy. The Tantus is 6” long and 1.25” wide – very respectable for Anal or Vaginal play! It is a simple, smooth shape – with just a hint of a “penis” head. It has a nice, wide base so there is no risk of “loosing” the toy up the anal canal. All wonderful qualities for my new toy!

Since I do not have a harness (I know, hard to believe right???) I implored my hubby to help penetrate me –he eagerly accepted. We prepared my new purple passion by giving him (yes, HIM) his little wireless, micro-vibrator. Special note: you have to open the vibrator, remove the small piece of paper to make contact with the battery to get the vibe to work. I wondered if this little vibrator would deliver enough power – but we would have to see.

After a generous amount of Astroglide – my favorite anal lube – I settled in to a doggy position as my hubby slowly began insertion. This is my first silicone Anal toy – and I must say – it was a very, very smooth insertion! As my hubby penetrated my ass with the Tantus, I could feel it easily slipping in. The smooth texture of the silicone, mixing with the lube, made insertion super simple!

The Tantus is firm, yet pliable, and bent perfectly with my anal contours. After my hubby had my toy all the way inserted – he turned on the vibrations. Surprisingly, they were very noticeable and extremely pleasurable! I could feel the waves of vibrations surging through the thousands of sensitive nerve endings. As I began to buck against my hubby, he asked if I needed more stimulation (i.e. double penetration with another toy) – I told him no, I thought this toy would give me the perfect anal orgasm!

For those of you who have not had an anal orgasm – let me assure you – it is a wonderful thing! Completely different from a vaginal orgasm – and equally pleasurable! What is even better is an anal AND clitoral orgasm at the same time! I set my heart on that prize, and as my hubby gently stimulated me with my purple pleasure rod, I reached under to play with my clit. With just a little play time – I could feel the excitement building and my hubby knew that I was going to cum as my bucking became more insistent and my moaning louder and louder! Soon I was in the thralls of complete anal and clitoral orgasms and my hubby had lost all control of the toy as I had tightened my muscles and collapsed into a heap on the bed with a gigantic scream of “OOOHHHHH FFUUUCCCKKKKKKKKK!”

This toy can really deliver the goods – and I am looking forward to running him through the dishwasher and using him vaginally soon! I would have used him the same night, but my hubby had other plans for me! :rolleyes: The Tantus might be small for vaginal play – but he seems to pack a powerful punch!

This toy would be good for beginners if used for vaginal play; would be GREAT for harness play (boo hoo, wish I had a harness now), and would be WONDERFUL for intermediate to experienced anal players. I would not recommend this toy for beginners as far as anal stimulation – only because it is the size of an actual penis, and I usually suggest a smaller anal plug to begin anal sex. However, if you are daring – this would be a great toy to begin with!

So wherever your experience level is, the Tantus Buzz will have you buzzing with orgasmic pleasure – this purple pleasure pal is definitely on my "must have for anal play" list!

Happy playing!

Mikayla ;)

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