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Hi - I'm new to toys and this site. I even forget how I got here. But it's been enlightening! So I figure my husband and I could start off slowly and I saw "nipple rings - non-piercing". Sounds entriguing, but how the heck do you use them?! :huh: I mean, I assume there'll be directions but if they're too painful I don't want to go through the trouble of returning them (which I probably wouldn't do and then it'd be a waste of money). Anyone ever used them? Thanks!

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Welcome Katya!

Non-piercing nipple jewelry usually attaches via an adjustable ring - sort of like a naval ring would be, but instead of the little ball in the middle, the space is open to insert your nipple. You put your nipple in, and then adjust the size to fit you comfortably. I will say that I have tried the non-piercing jewelry and I have found it a great turn on, but I do like mine a little tighter than some women might. I have not tried the real dangly ones with much sucess. I have one pair that dangles and they will stay on while I am clothed, but as soon as I start "bouncing" around, they fall off.

I suppose I would ask if you want these for "pleasure" or "appearance" - if only for appearance, then try to find something lighter that will stay on better. No long dangles. If you want for pleasure, then I would say try the adjsustables. I have seen some great ones that are like little clamps....oh momma!

I suspect you want yours just for a little thrill....so try the lightest looking ones you can find that appeal to you. Most are adjustable, and are fairly comfortable. However, don't expect them to stay on during all activities!


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