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Ok, really, I didn’t do that wrong; I mean one, two, three batteries in the Doc Johnson Mega Blaster. Oh yes, that third battery really does make a difference. Speaking of differences, the shape and size of this silver vibe are unlike any other “bullet” style vibe I have seen around. The vibe it’s self is 5” by ½ an inch wide. “What is so special about that?” you ask, control. One of the most important features in a clitoral stimulator is how easy is it to hold and hit the right spots? The added length to this vibe makes it easy to hold, change hand position and angle until you hit “the spot”. Now with the added length, does that take away from the vibrations? No, not at all, the head the Mega Blaster holds the weight and motor so the sensations are focused and set right where they are needed most.

Now this vibe is slightly different than some others you might have in your toy box, it uses a third battery to provide a little extra power for those nights you want to crank it up and get a REALLY INTENSE AND CLIMB THE WALLS kind of orgasm. As I mentioned earlier, the shape and size are different as well. Not only does the longer vibe make it easier to hold, the narrow shape allows for amazing precision on the clit. Unlike our Silver Bullet that vibrates the clit and the area around it, the Mega Blaster gets right where you want it to be. Doc Johnson also changed one other thing; the wheel power control is gone, in favor of a simpler, easier sliding control. You don’t have to spin and spin to get to full power; you can simply slide the control knob a short distance and go from mild to wild in no time flat.

My one caution to this item is that the control pack and the vibe are separate. You plug the vibe in to the control pack via a standard ¼ inch plug located on the cord. Just like a pair of headphones or similar item. Now, I can say this, I was testing this out, and I pulled pretty hard, harder than I would think to normally pull it during sex, and it stayed put perfectly. Now, I make no promises about holding the controller and swinging the vibe over your head, but if you are doing that, I cannot assume to know what your motivations are and I imagine the vibe will come off the hand pack and result in damage or injury.

All humor aside, my wife and I love this vibe, it has taken up residency on our list of top toys, and with all the power, control and precision it brings, I don’t foresee it coming down soon.

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