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SS41501main.jpgThis product is pure genius in idea; but unfortunately falls a bit short in execution. How many times have you been perched upon your lover in a nice Cowgirl position, humping away and things feel nice - really nice - but you wish you could just have a little vibration on your clit? I know I have been there - many times. The idea behind this product is to put that clitoral vibration right where you need it - hands free - so you can bump, grind and get off without worrying about grabbing your favorite vibe or bullet.

This adjustable (and VERY large - up to 84" potential) belt is worn around the hips of the man and the included bullet sits precariously above his penis and hopefully provides just enough stimulation for his partner. Ideally, for this product to work, the woman has to be on top, in front-facing cowgirl - or - the simple missionary position would offer the best contact spot.

Let's get down to business: my hubby and I tried this product last night in an attempt to make some 4th of July fireworks of our own. The first problem was, this belt is HUGE, my hubby is not. We had a LOT of extra belt hanging all over. It was so annoying to him, that we had to cut it off before we could play. I suggest a trial wear to get the right size. Also, the belt itself is a bit scratchy, so when worn tightly, was irritating to him. The little bullet comes with batteries (just take out the internal plastic to make it work) and only offers one speed. Ours didn't turn off at all, despite pushing the button. The bullet fits in a little pocket on the front of the super soft neoprene (think stretchable cottony fabric) patch (that can easily be washed after use).

So, once my hubby had it on, I climbed aboard. It took a bit to get it in the right 'spot' - not too high, not too low. You really have to grind yourself on it to feel the vibrations, and when I did this, the sleeve slipped up a bit. So as I tried my darndest to rub against the bullet, I would push the sleeve up - and therefore out of reach. Finally, we decided on missionary, and there was paydirt!

My hubby's natural pressure kept the sleeve in place and helped to smoosh my clit onto the vibe. He was loving the extra sensation HE got from this belt. It definitely helped me to reach orgasm quicker, and having a hands free option was AWESOME!!!

While this item took some fanagling, it was worth it in the end! I suggest missionary position for this orgasm helper - and soon you will be grinding yourself to orgasm after orgasm - and getting closer to your lover in the process. Now, if someone would just invent one to use during doggy style....


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