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Alright..So I have dos (2) questions and this is like a whole new ball game to me! First of all, I am of course young (you know, the whole 1987 thing) but I'm quite concerned...I have been sexually active for 3 years now and I have yet to "get off". Guys think they have sealed the deal..but I think I would definently know it if it happened. I'm beginning to wonder if something is wrong with me.. :unsure: Question #2 In my last relationship, we were together for almost 2 years. I was on the shot so we often didn't use condoms and he would ejaculate (I feel so official using that word :) ) in me. When he would do that..it would ALWAYS burn, like I was seriously on fire! It was very painful so more often than not he'd pull out. Can anyone tell me what's up with that? Any advice would be REALLY appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Welcome Chels1987!

Ok, let me see if I can answer these questions for you. I will adress them backwards; first, with the bf who came in you - was he the only one who did this and you had this reaction? Do you always have that reaction to sperm? Some women have a rare condition in their vagina where their vaginal secretions attack the sperm. This usually becomes an issue when they are trying to get pregnant, and that is when it comes up. The reaction can result in a burning. You also could be, just plain ole' allergic to that particular man's sperm - or sperm in general. It would depend on how you answered the former question.

Do you ever swallow when giving a BJ - do you have reactions then? You may not have the same reactions because the stomach acid might aid in the killing of the sperm.

Now second, to address the first question; the GUY is not the one who should know if you have had an ORGASM, YOU should know if you have had one! At your young age, I doubt there is any guy who is going to care if he is giving you an orgasm - although I may be wrong - nor know if he had or had not.

It is up to you, always, to be in charge of your own sexual satisfaction. So girlfriend, you have got to learn how to orgasm. Here is a statistic for you - many know it - 80 - 85% of all women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm - which means, if you are having sex, and not orgasming, you probably need this too. So, the next time you are with your lover, just add some clitoral stimulation and it will help to get you to the orgasm.

I am assuming you have had orgasms through finger play in your private times, yes? IF not, post back and we will help with that!

Good luck, have fun - BE SAFE! One more word about safety - you know the shot is great for pregnancy, but DOESN'T protect against STD's or HIV - so it is always a good idea to use a condom!

Mikayla B)

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Mikayla, Thanks for being a mom! No seriously, its fine! To answer back to your questions, Nathan, my ex, is not the only guy that has came in me, but I honestly, cannot remember details of being with anyone else! Nathan and I were together for like 2 years and I have been sexually inactive for about 8 months..so its hard to think back that long! But anyways! This happened EVERYTIME he got off and didn't pull out. I swallow when giving BJs..but it was just like I was swallowing a soda, went right down, no problems, no reactions. I have a male gyno, but being as I'm still pretty young and he's like older than my dad, I feel VERY uncomfortable telling him that my ex came in me because I will just be setting myself up for a pregnancy intervention right there in his office. Now addressing the other question. I was quite serious when I said something must be wrong with me because I have NEVER gotten off. EVER! From what everyone says, I'm missing something extremely awesome! So..any advice would help me out a lot!

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Chels1987, Welcome! Also if you have never had a O yes you are missing something awesome. Have you ever masturbated, explored your own body alone. I use to have that problem when I was younger in fact I remember the first few times I had sex and thought to myself this is it?What is so fun about this. Then I started exploring my own body on the advice of a good friend of mine, and let me tell you it was awesome the first O I have had was the one I gave myself. If you have never explored or play with your own body I think you should. Turn the lights down, put some soft music on light some candles and lay down in your bed or heck even put in a good porn show to watch anything to help you relax.

Explore your body with your hands, all over nipples, breast, stomach and clitorous. See what feels good and what seems to get you wet and hot. IF when rubbing or even slightly pullin on your clit feels good keep doing it. I would also try investing in a toy something simple that you like a vibrator would be wonderful. With it you can also play with all parts of your body ect. Make sure you are relaxed though and nothing else is on your mind, breath relax and when you find that spot that makes you tingle or feels good rub or play a little harder but dont stop and before you know it you will experiance an O. You will know trust me :) I know sometimes when I have a big O my legs will shake or temor and OMG I cant wait to do it again and again. Try the simple things and get to know your body well, then when you are with your mate you can instruct him on what makes you feel good and what spot to hit and hot to make you cum...

As far as the burn I have only experianced once in my life by my x, and he changed his diet and it stopped burning I am not sure if that is the situtation here or maybe you are just really sensation to his. My x use to eat alot of things with citric acid I mean ALOT, and when he changed his diet around I noticed that when he came in me it quite burning not sure if that is what it is or not but it is just a suggestion, something to try anyway.

Well I hope this helps some and let us know!

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