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Hello everyone, I was just wondering...what is the best way to wash a vibrator??? I just bought the Lilac Lovers Collection and was wondering whats safe to use and how. Any replies would be REALLY helpful...the hubby is gone for a few more months and I am ready to try this thing out!!!! Thanks!!! :P

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That appears to be made of plastic. You can wash it with soap and water. If you have anti-bacterial soap, use it. The sleeves can be run through your dish washer. Just remember where you put them. Its really not necessary to boil them, or do the dish washer treatment. Warm water and anti-bacterial soap will get them squeaky clean.

awesome, thanks a bunch!!! :D

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Just to add to what Howard said - not all sex toys can be cleaned the same way. He gave you the right way to clean this toy - but you have to remember that plastic toys can never, truly be sterilized - so using anti-bacterial soap before and after play is an EXCELLENT idea. Also, if there is any way to take the batteries out of your toys before cleaning, DO IT - batteries erode with water.

Silicone toys have to be cleaned differently. They can be sterilized - which is why more people opt for those now. You can run most of them through the dishwasher (after batteries are out of course) and that will sterilize it.

Jelly toys are the most porous, crack the most, and therefore, are the hardest to sterilize. You can't disinfect those either - but anti-bacterial soap is the best way to go.

Glass is highly hygenic - you can run it through the dishwasher or boil it - it is non-porous, so definitely can be disinfected.

ALWAYS know how to clean your toys, and what lubes to use. In a final note, it is recommended that jelly and plastic toys be REPLACED in about a year - simply because they can't be totally disinfected. Using a condom over your toys will lengthen that time somewhat and give you greater protection.

Hope that was enlightening!

Mikayla ;)

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