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First Time



Cool, I figured out the settings on this thing and how to add entries.
I knew all that work on the other board would help me out someday.

No, I am not a rocket scientist, nor am I a poet, so don't expect anything like that here, sorry.

I am however a mom of 4 of the most beautiful girls in this world.
Can ya tell I am a tiny bit biased about my kids? LOL

And no, I do not think they are angels, well, maybe when they are sleeping.
But, when they are awake, you would swear it was a wrestling match sometimes.

If you read the board, then you also know I used to have a son.
He was shot in the head and killed 3 years ago on his 13th birthday.

I have made it through the worst of it, and I can still get up in the mornings and do my normal routine.
I can still laugh at life, and crack lame jokes, I can still smile, so I know I am still alive and surviving.

I know I am surviving, I go to school almost every day.
I just passed an English Literature class so I could go to a junior college here in town.
I am working on my Associates Degree in the IT field.

Next year when I finish, I plan on going for my Batchlors in the IT field as well.

When all is said and done with that, I plan on going back to get my Batchlors in Buisness Managment.

Yes, I am still studying Massage Therapy, and I plan on becomming certified for that too.
I figure the more diversified my knowledge and experiances are, the better my chances of finding a good career.

Yeah I am unemployed right now.
I am looking for full time work, I have applied all over town, gas stations, fast food joints, bookstores, toy stores, coffee shops, you name it, I have applied there.

I keep looking, I know eventually I will find a job.

Yeah, I know I am strong willed and determined and ambitious, but hey, the bills won't pay themselves,
And I have to do something, I got my 4 gorgeous girls to look after, and if they keep going the way they are now, I am gonna need chastity belts and shotguns for every one of em LOL

It is said life is what you make of it....Can I get another recipie please?


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