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  1. I agree with ya 12 gauge, it is a bad idea. all these lawyers nowdays are raking in the cash hand over hand for asbestos inhalation cases, antidepressants, and bad diet pills. When we smokers wind up with something, were told "tough shit, you knew the risks and did it anyways" we pay through the nose for these taxes that go to pay for others medical bills, doesnt matter if its not even remotely connected to second hand smoke exposure or not. we cant go into bars or resteraunts to light up. hell, were not even allowed to smoke in our own cars!! We are the first to get hit with any new taxes. Never mind the fact that drinking and driving is way more dangerous to the general public than lighting up is. How many people are put in danger because someone got behind the wheel after a few too many drinks? People who live in these large cities inhale all the crap put out by the factories on a daily basis, and they are fine with it, but the minute someone lights up OMG, its a criminal offense, Seriously, I get to listen and abide by congress passing laws and bills on handguns and firearms and ammunition. Damn it, it is hard enough to put a meal on the table some days as it is. Just because meat has gone up drasticlly in price. I go out and shoot elk and deer to help fill in the gaps during hunting season. Now they want to regulate that too. when is this crap gonna end?
  2. Well, I am not really sure how to start this, but I will give it a go. I have recently met a wonderful man, very sweet, caring, generous etc. We have a wonderful relationship as freinds, we are extremel honest with each other and have a great time talking to one another. We have discussed sex, and toys, likes dislikes etc. Well, we decided it was tme to take things a step further and enter a full fledged monogomous relationship. We are now in the process of looking for a house together. We decided to have sex for the first time on monday, it was totally spontanious, the kids had gone to bed at a decent time, mom was beat and went to bed early, as had my uncle. We were making out, and one thing led to another. Next thing I know we are both naked and he could not get an erection. I tried oral sex, nothing, I tried a hand job, nothing. It seemed like nothing I could do was going to help get him hard. He finally wound up going down on me and bringing me to orgasm in like 2 minutes flat, then he kissed me, told me he loved me and went and got dressed. He told me he was diabetic, and sometimes his diabetes affected his ability to get an erection. He control his diabetes with diet and excersice, and does not have to take pills or injections. My question is, how common is this problem, and how do you deal with it? I have looked online, and not found much help on the subject. thanks ~Whiskey~
  3. As an animal lover, I know how hard it is to see this kinda of crap happen. I adopted my cat Molly from the vets office. Found out some idiot threw her out of the window of a moving car, and her rescuer was allergic, so they took her to the vets, They gave her all of her shots, spayed her, and the very next day she came home with me. Less than a week later, I found the sweetest manx online, drove for an hour to the next city to te shelter, found out he and his brothers and sisters were found by and old man in his wood chipper. Evidently one of his nigbors took the entire litter and put them in there because they knew that the old man would fire it up soon. The cat I had my eye on wanted nothing to do with me, but his brother came right up to the kids for pets. so...I now have 2 of the best mousers and the sweetest cats ever. lots of people want cute and cuddley kittens and puppies, but don't stop to realize how much work they really, they outgrow the "cute" stage they dont want them anymore. Or the first time the cats scratch them, or the furniture etc. too many uneducated people in this world is all.
  4. Absolutely beautiful. Nice shots, thanks for sharing.
  5. Well, I am hoping she has come to her senses. She seems to have dropped it for now. Of course there have been more pressing issues here on the home front. Now that most of them have been resolved, we will see if she resumes the idea or if it stays dead. Tyger, yes she is old fashioned, she hasn't goten it through her thick skull yet that I am adult. I have been taking care of the girls and I by myself for a while. Even when he was there. ah well, sh will get over it im sure.
  6. TRUE!! almost 12 30 and im still not tired. TPBM just bought a new toy this week.
  7. I have never had my hood pierced, I have a personal thing about ppl with needles heading down south. I had my nipples pierced at one time, but they rejected. I didn't think i was all that painful. I had my tongue done, and that wasn't painful at all, it was a lil odd feeling somehing going though my tongue, but it didnt really hurt. i was a lil sore afterwords, but nothng that a dose of tylenol and a slurpee couldnt fix. I suggest that you find a good piercer and ask lots and lots of questions, mainly about the procedure and the aftercare, and teh risks involved. Good luck!
  8. Kat, That ink is fucking WICKED!! absolutely gorgeous. I am so sorry honey, I know how much she meant to you. And even though we have talked, I want you to know I am always here for you, no matter what. I know ow hard it is to lose someone that was that close.. Keep in mind honey, she loved you as much as you loved her, she will always be with you, watchin over you and guiding you and your children. many hugs and much love.
  9. And just when you thought that the stupidity in the world couldn't possibly get any lower, some one goes and pulls a stunt like this!
  10. Way to go Tyger! Glad to hear eveything worked out in your favor. The moral of the story is : Never pull a Tygers tail!
  11. Well I dunno what her problem was the other night. I dont know if it was depression kicking in, or a last from the past or what. We had ben talking about holidays, and she ran off in her way back machine talking abouthow herdad was never there for her. Then she came back to present day and started sugestin these ludacris ideas of her. I swear the woman suffocates me more than a plastic bag. Don't get me wrong, love her to death, I really do. And Iunderstand I am her only daughter, and I am the closest living child, and the onl child to give her grandchildren etc. I also understand she is dying, and she won't be around much longer. And she wants to make sure we are taken care of, and that we will be ok, and that she wants to spend as much time as possible wth us, but, enough is enough.
  12. This is an old family shot with me and some other family members, I am the one in the blue dress. This is one of the only ones taken where you willl see me in a dresss EVER!
  13. My mom is talking about letting my ex move in, so he can get a job at the local mine, and how he and I could have her bed, and how we shold get remarried for the kids sake. WTF?! This is the same man who has physially abused my girls, and the one who has beaten the crap out of me more times than I can count. The one who shoved a vial of cocaine under my nose when I was driving, KNOWING I used to have a problem with it. Yeah the one with the drug problems. Yes THAT EX!! AND SHE WANTS HIM TO MOVE IN???!!!! what makes it even worse...SHE WAS STONE COLD SOBER WHEN SHE SUGGESTED IT!!! UNGH!! I seriously wonder if mom didn't inherit alzheimers from my grandma, because to even think such a thingis sheer insantiy, let alone actually SUGGEST it to me. Fuck that shit, I would rather be eaten alive by a pack of rats rater than have that man come back full time. I have a hard enough time when he comes around for birthdays or Christmas. The girls regress back to old habits. Thumb sucking, bed weting, nightmares, crying, throwing fits etc. Even mom has said how much they regress when he comes around, and shes suggesting he move in with us?!?! I think sh has lost her mind..... Then... I went onto this dating site, I got a couple of bites, I exchanged pics with one guy, and wrote him an email, just 1, next thing I know he is now profesing his deepest love for me, and his name has changed. And you can bet your ass I am not talking to him anymore, he is on full time ignore. I know I say I strive to be anything but normal, but this is bordering on plain out nuts! I must have a huge invisable sign on my neck or something. "INSANITY STARTS HERE" or something, damn. Ok, enough, I am gonna get a sress headache just thinking about it. /off rant
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