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Time For A Change



I got a phone call this morning from another employer, no surprise there, I get them on almost a daily basis with all the applications and resumes I have been putting out thre.
Anyways, This employer called me, wanted me to come in for an interview, ok, no big deal, 2 o'clock.
I ironed my suit, showered, shaved and went in looking pretty professional, I probably could have gotten away with casual, but I figured the suit would work better.

So I went in, did the interview, answered with no hesitations at all of the questions, then the REGIONAL manager showed up and interviewed me.
He asked the same questions, and I gave him the same answers.

Both of the managers left, and the store manager came back and made me an offer for full time work!!!

I am sooooo happy to be working again!!
I start mt training tuesday morning, 8 AM.
I have about a 45 minute commute, but at least it's to work!!

ok, just wanted to jot this down, gotta run, Liz needs me.


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QUOTE(Rob @ Aug 24 2006, 08:08 PM)

That's awesome. Congrats!

Thanks Rob.
It isn't the catering job I had been looking for, but, it is in a kitchen.
I am just happy to be working again. biggrin.gif
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