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This Title Left Intentionally Blank



Man, what a day, thak god the kids FINALLY went to bed.

I think my oldest is hitting puberty.
She is beginning to "bud" if ya know what I mean.
She also gets really really moody around the first week of each month.

I swear, if you even make a face at her she runs off crying "everybody hates me"
I told her dad she might be getting ready to go through it, he agrees, her grandmother says I am pushing her, to wait until she is at least 13.
Like I have ANY kind of control over it?!

Hell, I started getting my cycles when I was 7!
My mom hit menopause at age 40.
My doctor says I am in the early stages of the change, and I am 36!

I was sitting in my room talking to her, I put my hand on her leg to tickle her knee and noticed that she has really hairy legs!
It looks like long threads of gold.
Yes, she is a blonde like me, she is a platinum blonde, her hair is so white that some folks mistake her for an albino.
I was joking that if she keeps it up she will have to shave them soon.
Of course Miss loud-mouth ran off to EVERYONE in the house telling them "My mom said I have to shave my legs"
Her grandmother once again told me I was rushing into puberty.
I told her grandmother,"I can not control when my children reach milestones, that is simply not whithin my capabilities"

My 6 yr old also has really hairy legs.
She is also quickly passing her sister in the physical department.
She lost another tooth the other day, this will be number 3.
While her older sister has lost her 2 bottom teeth, they still are only partially grown in, and are very small.
The 6 yr. old has lost hers very quickly, they come in nice and big and straight.
She showed me earlier, she has another one loose on the other side as well.

Speaking of teeth.
I went to see the other dentist today.
He was very calm cool, collect and had some of the most high tech dental equipment I have ever seen for such a small office.
Pain managment is NOT going to be a problem.
He is also about 1,000 dollars cheaper than the orginal dentist I saw.
I was very comfortable around him, he has an AWSOME sense of humor, much better than the other guy.
I was so at ease with him that I decided to take the girls there for their cleanings and exams, I think they would do well around him.

I wrote another review, this one was on the Lifesaver Vibe.
I actually like writing the reviews, they are fun, I can express my sense of humor in them, and they give me a chance to use my creative side that normally doesn't get used.
I love coming up with the cute opening and closing lines.

I need a job, I need money so I can get a credit card and order some stuff.
I saw a couple of toys that I have GOT to get my hands on.
One of them is the Tonguejoy kit.
I am DYING to try that.
I have a vibrating tongue ring, but I want to see how that kit stacks up against the one I already have.
The vibrating one has kinda like a koosh ball cover on it, it is really sweet, but it is large and heavy on the tongue.
I have several tongue rings and silicone sleeves that go over them.
I have a couple of french ticklers, I have a spider, a koosh ball, a penis, one of them I can't tell what it is, I think its supposed to be a vagina or a rose or something, cause it kinda has that shape.

You know, its funny, I got my tongue pierced 3 and half years ago, I knew my oldest would want it done as soon as he found out his cousin had hers done, I figured if I was going to veto or agree to something, I wanted to find out what was involved as far as pain and healing, etc.
Then I found out it was supposed to help out in the oral department.
I am assuming it works since I have had no complaints.
I planned on taking it out after it healed, but I liked it too much, then I started collecting tongue rings and the sleeves that go with them.

Damnit, I did it again, started off on one subject then did 180 in the other direction.
Oh well, it's all good I think LOL

Anyways, I gotta jet, I hear my 6 yr old crying.



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