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Morning Wake Up



I awake with a bit of a start. Some uncomfortable dream has released it’s hold on me. I can see through my slightly parted eyelids that it is still dark in my bedroom. I look to my right and see you are lying on your side with your back to me. Left leg pulled up toward your chest. Your arms seem to be grasping a feather pillow and your face is curled into it. How quite you are when you sleep. You are a very pleasant bedfellow to have around.

Craning my head to the left to glance at the alarm on the nightstand, I see it is already 5:40am. That tends to be sleeping in for us. You frequently have the alarm set for an earlier hour. The question flashes through my mind that maybe you forgot to set it? Then again this may just be the lucky day where you have allowed yourself to sleep in.
Deciding I will hedge my bets, that you meant to sleep in, I don’t want to disturb you and your peaceful slumber just yet. Although what I want to do is roll over and snuggle with you, throwing my arm over your torso, pressing my lips against your spine; kissing you all over your shoulder blades. Nope. Won’t do that at this hour. I want to let you sleep until at least 6am. So instead I just roll over onto my left side, so I can watch the clock tick-tock ‘til 6 o’clock. Press both my hands between my hot thighs to wait until 6am when I have given myself permission to disturb your sleep.

5:58, 5:59, 6 o’clock in the morning. In the past 20 minutes I have yet to feel you shift positions. Now I do; I remove my now very warm hands from between my thighs and roll over to my right side. A sleeping angel, with a devils libido. What early morning dream am I going to be disturbing? Hopefully what I am plotting will be worth awakening for……………….

The room is filled with a bluish early morning glow. Because I have been lying there, adjusting my vision, I can see you clearly in the shadowy light. You’re covered only by the top sheet, which is pulled up revealing your small waist, broad shoulders and strong arms. I love to nuzzle and give small love bites on the spot where your neck and shoulders join. Geez, merely thinking about doing so gives me chills of anticipation. Funny how those same spots exist on other men but they don’t hold the same mesmerizing charm. Human beings are very complex and strange creatures aren’t we?

I reach out my left hand, placing it at the top of your spine, just below your neck. My hand rests there for a few moments; you seem undisturbed by my touch. Slowly I move my hand up your neck, cupping the bottom of your skull; my fingers spreading out through your silky hair. I give the hair on your head a stimulating pull. Then another. Now I get a little bit of a moan out of you. Are you pissed that I have awakened you? Have the gentle tugs on your hair aroused you? Only time will tell, as I wait to see if you are going to mumble something to me. Nope. So I keep going. My hand then retreats back down your spine, over your neck then shoulders, moving down toward the small of your back. With even pressure my hand moves beneath the rumpled cotton summer sheet so I can feel the curve of your body change from broad shoulders down to a small waist. My hand continues down to the bottom of your tailbone. Now I must decide what my next move will be? Shall I choose to use a slightly heavier pressure as my hand moves up & over your firm left butt cheek? Or shall I let my hand continue exploring further South, between your butt cheeks & thighs, to locate those glorious satin Boyz of yours? Hmmmmm…… a tough decision indeed.

Ultimately though I want to drag this thing out, so I choose to enjoy feeling the muscles of your left buttock and thigh. My left hand has experienced this familiar territory before. My palm is open & fingers spead so I can completely relish the sensations as my hand glides along your warm flesh. Up & over your beautiful butt, then heading down toward the bed to your hipbone, back to the top of your butt cheek. Then I begin the slow slide down the back of your thigh. Heavenly muscles there! As I explore I become very excited. So much so that I now need to snuggle my body closer to you, so I can get a good reach down your thighs. And heck, by now I am quite excited and the Girlz are feeling they need to press against the small of your back, which they do. Ahhhhhh.....perfection!

Still on your side, my arm reaches around you, palm flattened against your left hipbone it moves downward toward the top of your thigh. Oh my, what’s this in the way? Seems Pete IS awake. Rather than acknowledge this raging hard-on my hand continues moving further down to the top of your thigh. My fingers move to the crease where your bent leg and the hipbone meet. Such soft warm skin resides there. If I weren’t into teasing myself this way I would just grab you by the hipbone and roll you over on your back so I could begin the exquisite process of kissing every inch of Slippery Pete.

But no, I need to take my time. You haven’t put up any resistance, or your own effort, so I’m gonna take that as a sign that you are enjoying my treasure hunt. So my fingers explore long this smooth warm juncture of leg and hip; sliding now along the inside of that tenderloin of yours, moving downward toward your knee.

My lustful mouth has spent this entire time satisfying itself, kissing, licking, biting. Brushing my lips back and forthagainst your warm skin, kissing your shoulder blades. My lips seem to have an agenda all their own. Kiss, slide, kiss, slide, nibble, kiss, slide. Ooooooooooooooo…….. I am in a world of my own sensations and desires. My pussy twitches and quivers with the excitement I am building for myself………….

As my mouth satisfies itself on your back and shoulder blades, my left hand is now moving back up the inside of your soft thigh. Oh yes, the boys are resting there. Long and loose and hot against the sheets, just the way I like them. My warm fingers move up to cup them ever so gently. I lovingly fondle your Boyz giving them each a few playful moments. The silky globes give me such pleasure!

My fingers, and mouth, are now both ready for something more substantial. Now I raise myself up on my right elbow, pushing back enough to give us both some space on the bed. You are gloriously hard and I can't wait another second to roll you over! You do not resist. Hmmmmm….. it's seems that during my sexual exploratory you haven’t made a move or a peep? Then again maybe you were making a peep but I was so into my own world that I just hadn’t heard you resisting. I certainly have been in my own little world.

Oh my. there is Slippery Pete and the Boyz in all their glory. Gee, where do I begin? I feel like a kid at Christmas. I rise up on my knees to straddle you, hovering above you. Running my warm erect nipples over your stiff mast, up across your flat belly & then your chest—where they finally brush back and forth & in circles around your own chest & nipples. You pull the girlz up to your face where you suckle each; rolling the gorgeous rose buds around with your tongue and nibbling them. While you do so I kiss your forehead & hairline; running my fingers through the thick silky hair at the nape of your neck. Pulling your hair as my ecstacy grows.
OMG, I think I am cumming right now!

I take a moment to stop and nuzzle your ears. Kisses and hot breath circling and enjoying the curves of this sexy piece of cartilage with my tongue and lips. Kisses down your neck and to that favorite spot of mine where neck meets shoulder. I kiss it; lick it; give it a wee bite. At that I think I feel my pussy actually gush some juice. I am driving myself wild…..and with any luck you too.

I pull away from your ears and neck as I begin kissing down the center of your chest. I repeat in reverse, the path my nipples made just a few minutes ago on there way up your body. This time my lips and nipples are marching their way down your chest, flat stomach and over your throbbing hot cock. Your cock is so stiff that I can barely get my breast to navigate over it....but I manage. My breasts come to rest on the tops of your thighs as my mouth parks on the bulbous head of your cock. My hot wet tongue teasingly flicks over and around the ridge of deliciously smooth flesh. My soft moist lips are a perfect compliment in texture.

To be continued....... by Ms Randi Nite


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