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Making Memories



Sometimes things happen to me that I think are pivotal, or just beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime kind of things, and I consciously try to remember every little detail about them so that when I'm much older and looking back over my life, those memories will be especially vivid. Sometimes I even plan these situations in advance, or do silly little things that I think will enhance my memories and make them more interesting. A lot of the decisions I make are based on what kind of memories they will provide for me in later years, when I'm doing most of my living in my head.

Last night he played the didgeridoo for me. I was sitting on my canopy bed, which I'd turned into a tent, and the only light filtering in was coming through the red sheet that made up the wall behind me. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of jeans, and that wonderful dark wavy hair of his was falling over his face. His tan skin, the smell of him on my sheets, the sound of the instrument, the vibrations of it... it was all very dreamlike and surreal. I told him afterwards that I had been trying to memorize that moment. Over the course of my life, I will probably relive that a thousand times over.

No matter what else happens, I'm always going to have that moment.


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