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I'm Happy



Things are going really well for the time being. I'm the happiest I've been in several years. I feel like a kid on summer vacation; life is simple and full of possibility.

The boy moved back home to San Antonio for the summer, but that's less than two hours away, so it's not so bad. He knows how I feel about him now, and he's visiting on Monday. It will only have been 9 days since last I saw him, but I'm still excited as hell... I guess just knowing I can't see him any time I like makes me miss him more. He has a webcam (and I will again soon, I lost mine but I've ordered another and it's on its way,) and it's amazing how much that helps. It almost feels like we're hanging out in person when I can see him reacting to what I say. I love that I can see the recognition in his eyes when he reads a message from me.

The scamp has figured out that I like the idea of corrupting him and has discovered that he can tease me with it, saying I could take advantage of him and such. Ooooh boy, as if he didn't already drive me wild! I think I'm going to be in trouble folks, this one may be more than I can handle tongue.gif


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