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Just Had To Brag



I was going through the forum and reading about all the sexual dysfunctions various members seem to be encountering, and thought back on some of my past partners, and I realized... I am so lucky!

The guy I'm with now... not only is he basically my physical ideal (in addition to being smart, sweet, fun, etc etc... I could go on and on,) he's FANTASTIC in bed. He's shockingly good at manual stimulation, loves extended foreplay, has amazing control (NEVER had a problem with premature ejaculation,) is very interested in incorporating toys, always makes sure I cum first, asks me what I like, is willing to try new and exciting things... I mean good lord, I couldn't ask for more. He's even a natural sub and feels more comfortable if I take control -- perfect! I feel so incredibly lucky; anybody could have snapped him up, but I'm the one who got him. Some of my friends are teasing me because he looks young, or acts effeminate... HAH! They have no idea what they are missing. And besides, I like young and effeminate wink.gif

Now if he'd just let me put a leash on him. *Grumble grumble* laugh.gif


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WOW Synirr You are INDEED a lucky lucky woman!!!!!

Well it's nearly 4 years later and I hope you and The Man of Your Dreams are still an item!!! Did you ever get that leash on him??? What about a Collar??

I had no idea you were so....well......KINKY!!! Four+years ago you put up a pic of you wearing a thick large headed purple dong strapped to your forehead and at the time I thought you looked so cute and hot wearing it that I saved it to a folder.

Since you obviously prefer to be The Domme did you ever strap on fuck him??? Whether the answer is yea or nae you should have him read some of the anal sex the bottom guys here at TT have had and enjoy so much.....
Hope you two are still together and cranking out those mutual multi orgasms!!!


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