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Man, am I beat.

I got into work and found out that my helper called off.
Then I was greeted by the delivery of 5 skids, approxamitaly 5 feet long by 4 feet high FULL of boxes, that had to be marked, dated, opened and put away.
Of course I also had to rotate out the current stock.
All of this happend the day before inventory.
Wich means I will be laughing my ass off at the assitant manager, because she is the one who ordered it, and she is the one who has to count it all.

right before i left I was informed we had another 3 skids of the same dimensions waiting for us in the freezer.

Egads, we had so many differant types of salads, it was like a rabbits wet dream in the cooler!

And everytime I mentioned that at work, people just looked at me like i was insane or something.

Am I the only only one who has any kind of a sense of humor?
Has everyone else lost theres?

Is the sense of humor about to become extinct?
is it going to soon become a prerequisite for us to no longer have a sense of humor before we take an offer of employment?

Will we begin geneticly testing our children for a sense of humor when we are still pregnant?
Will the doctors reccomend that we terminate if they find a sense of humor?

that thought right there makes me shudder.
the thought that a doctor will be able to test our children in utero and find any genetic deficinacys or problems, and actually suggest that we terminate depending on that test results.
that is a scary thought.

im glad i didnt listen to my doctors.
when i was 5 months pregnant, i had some routine tests done becuase of my " advanced maternal age"
they showed my baby had trisomy 13.
its a 3rd number 13 chromesome.
most women do not carry to full term, those that do, the babies usually die within 48 hours of their birth.
the children are severly deformed, and only 5 percent make it to their 1st birthday.
only a handful have made it to their teen years.

they suggested i have an amneosentisis, and a level 2 ultra sound.
i did as they suggested, had the amneo, the results came back positive, she was diagnosed as having trisomy 13.
the doctor reccomended that i terminate my pregnancy immediatly.
they wanted to do it when i was still 4 or 5 months along, because any longer than that and they would have to deal with a bunch of red tape stuff.
I decided not to, i told the doctor that even if she was sick, she had the same rights as all of my other kids.
She had the right to be loved, and taken care of, she didnt ask to be created, she didnt ask to be sick, so i declined the termination.

im glad i didnt do it.
She was born, she was all wrinkled pink and pissed.
they did some testing and said she was totally healthy.
so, now shes a smart little shit.
She can count to 12 all by herself with no help whatsoever.
She is beginning to speak a bit of spanish too.
I started crying when I came home from work and she hugged me and said "Hola mommy!"

Anyways, the thought of what were doing with our childrens future just scares the hell out of me.

ok, enough of this sappy crap.
i need to run to the liquor store for mom, she needs a bottle of wine and a straw LOL

Take care yalls!


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