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Getting It With Vinegar



So, are you one of those customers who believes every store is out to get you? That every policy ever made was made to make your life miserable? That the only way to get what you want is to be a pain in the behind to the person behind the counter? In plain, are you a person who knows that the more belligerent you are and the more hard of a time you give to the people behind the counter, the better your chances are at getting what you want? Let me clue you in on something.

I've had customers over the years who were very...well...heated in what they wanted and demanded. Regardless of the policies and procedures that any company puts in place, there is a type of person who feels that the same rules shouldn't apply. Over the last two days I had two instances.

In one instance a person was trying to return a fairly expensive item. He had no receipt, he couldn't remember the day it was bought, and he couldn't come up with a valid ID for the return. Of course we refused the return and he turned belligerent. Violent even as he chucked his item across the room and it ricocheted to hit one of our service people in the face. The gentleman(for I am still polite) decided to leave without the refund and without the item. A few hours later he called and demanded that we "take care of him". Of course the reply was "I'm sorry, sir, if you step into this building or any of our other properties again, you will be arressted and we should tell you a notice of tresspass has been filed with the county. Thank you, have a nice day."

In the other instance, the customer was also trying to return an expensive item without a receipt, without an ID, and she wanted cash back. In this instance, however, the customer actually listened to what we were saying, was actually interested in the reason behind the policy and then politely made her case. In the end, she simply had to go home to get the ID she'd forgotten and because I felt sympathetic to her plight I decided to break with policy and give her cash back without the receipt even though the policy dictated a gift card. Her only inconvenience was having to get her photo ID. She was happy and thanked me profusely for breaking with the policy.

Policies are put in place in stores because so many people out there abuse the "I am the customer and I am always right" attitude. In some cases they abuse it in such a way that the company loses money. Believe it or not, a company is out there to make money and the best way to get you as a customer to return is to take care of you. Most times a good service person is more than happy to make sure you're taken care of. Its the people who have abused the systems that has caused the real problem here. If people were honest with themselves and just used a little common sense and a bit of jam instead of vinegar, the retail world would be a much nicer, friendlier place.


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I worked many years in service and retail. I agree with you 100%.
There is a flip side. I now work in wholesale grocery. It's amazing how many petty tyrants feel that vendors should be afraid or
in awe of them because they work in a grocery store.

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When I was a kid I was raised right. Learned right from wrong. Never lie when in trouble just take your 'medicine' like a man and learn from your mistakes and so on.

For a time I was in a relationship with a nice gal who had 3 daughters. They were all out of the house and on their own. The youngest did ok on her own and was halfway mature and responsible. The middle daughter was pretty sharp, a hard worker and was going after the American Dream on her own with very little help from Mom.

The oldest daughter was a real piece of work. After some of the stuff my old gf told me about Tammy I knew Tammy would NEVER set foot in my place. Thieves ARE NOT welcome at my ponderosa.

Tammy was a single Mom on Welfare with a deadbeat dad who still tried to make occasional booty calls. So Tammy was poor and always trying to get something for nothin'.

Tammy thought nothing of changing price tags when she needed a new blouse or skirt. Sometimes she would trade her foodstamps benefits for extra cash.

But when my ex gf told me this trick I was flabberghasted. Tammy would buy a dress she flat out couldn't afford. Then she would wear it on a date or out with friends. She might wear the clothes 3 or 4 times if not more. Then she would return the items to the store with her receipts for a refund. It always worked for her except once. She had bought a jacket for $200. While she was wearing it she spilled something on it. When she tried to return the jacket the clerk saw the stains and no amount of snivelling or lying helped and she still has the jacket. She continues with this scam and others.

It's cuz of people like her why stuff costs more for the rest of us.

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