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Well, my apologies to anyone who has been following this blog.
I got so caught up in work and trying to do the little mom/work balancing act, I forgot to pay the cable bill, so my internet was shut down for a while.
I am sooooooo embarrassed, usually, I pay it without fail, geuss I got too caught up.
Anyways, I am back.

I hate nights like tonight.

The neighbors are at it again.

It isn't fair, it really isn't.

They can fight and have 20 sherrif cars out here, her 2 sons are both on probation, which is a huge no no,
according to the new laws, you can not have more than one person on probation in a house.

she has 2, and one is 18 and the other is a minor, for a few more months.

Her son went with some friends to a drug dealers house, the kids got antsy, stole the friends car, led police on a 100 MPH chase from Detroit to A2 and NOTHING was done, they said, keep him home, and he was on probation!!

One of her boys actually STABBED another child, the boys mom rode in the ambulance with the kid and was smiling and waving at the others.
NOTHING happened to her kids.
NOTHING! How fucking unfair is that?!!

Her two kids who are on probation, had a knock down drag out beat each other bloody fight, one had a knife and the other had a shovel, 9 cop cars showed up, and nothing was done.
I think they have something on the cops that keep them from going to jail again.
Hell, the oldest one on probation stole a 200 dollar bike, the cop that showed up took the bike, stood there chatting with mom, made a date for this weekend then left!!
What the hell?!

If that situation happened to us we would be thrown in jail immediatly, no questions asked.
I honestly think it is because we are white and they are black.
Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against most blacks, for the most part, they are great people,
but you always run across that one who uses the racsist card to their fullest extent.
I mean, you even so much look at them wrong, and your being a racist.

There is a law here that says we are allowed one piece of furniture to be disposed of each week, and no more than 3 32 gallon trash cans of trash per week.

this week they tossed 3 beds, a dining room table 5 cans of trash and even tossed out some old tires that they put across the street to get picked up.
All in all about 12 cans of trash get picked up per week.
We have 3, we use maybe 2, the one time I had to use all 3, I had one bag of trash that wouldnt fit in the can.
I got a neon orange sticker telling me it would have to wait until next week because we exceeded the maximum allowed ammount for pickup.

WTF?! they have 12 cans and we get scolded for 1 lousy bag?!

Yes I am ranting, it is something that has been bugging me for a while.

I apologize, but, every other night, they have one of their knock down drag out beat the other bloody fights.
tonight one of the older ones went to hit the younger brother with a shovel and missed, they hit the dog instead.

The dog was out ther cayaying and crying for almost an hour, so it had to be serious.
I called the humane society's animal cruelty line, they went out there, saw the dog, gave them some food
because the dog doesn't get fed and eats popsicle and ice cream wrappers that others leave on the ground,
they gave her the number for the vet and told her to bring it in tomorrow because one of its ribs was poking through the skin, they even offered to pay for the bills for her.

Great, and I drive through the ghetto section of Detroit to get my dogs to the vets because this animal shelter said they couldn't give reduced fee care to animal owners.

WTF?! Why does she get such preferential treatment?
Why is she so damn special that nothing happens to her or her kids when something serious happens?

OK, enough, I am done, otherwise I will rant all damn night about this woman and her family.

And before you ask, I have written the newspapers, the radio and television stations, the sherriffs department, the state police, the mayor and the govenor.

the answer I recieved?

Well, I have to get some semblance of sleep, I have to go to work in like 11 hours.
My weekend will be spent writing reviews on some really awsome toys.

Catch ya on the flip side!


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