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For those who have been reading this for a while now, you remember a few nights back I posted about the neighbors fighting AGAIN, and their dog was hurt...
Well, they killed it.
I found it in the yard of the vacant house next door.
I went over thre because I heard a commotion, and because it is vacant and having work done to it, I didn't want a bunch of neighborhood vandals destroying anything over there.
I went over and saw about 10 or 15 kids standing over the body of the dog.
The only thing I could do was put her in a trash bag and call the human society to remove the body,
I would have buried it, but where, and how deep to dig a hole for a full grown chow chow is beyond me..

I get so pissed over this stuff, I go through great pains physically and finacially to care for my animals,
and there are others who just don't care about if their animal dies.
if you don't want them or can't afford them, DON'T GET THEM!
I would love to have another cat, but, I can't aford the spay/neuter fees and the declaw and shots, not to mention the exams and extra food and cat litter, and thatrs for a freebie, if I adopt from the shelter, there are extremly expensive adoption fees.
I can barely afford the ones I have now, food, litter, insulin, needles, surgery for the growth on the dogs leg,
blood tests to make sure everything is working ok, booster shots, heartworm medicine, heartworm tests, it really adds up and quickly.
In 2 months we spent a little over 4 grand on surgeries, tests, booster shots and preventive medicines, and that was just for 2 dogs!
I have yet to take in the other dog or the cat, I am dreading that.

A 35 minute drive into the heart of downtown, the sign says "Welcome to Detroit, hope you survive!"

Anyways, I am gonna shut up now while I have a chance,
I am tired and liable to say something stupid.

Good night folks,
sweet dreams to one and all!


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