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The Last Month....



I am very sorry for not keeping up with everyone at tootimid, I have missed all the forums and talking with everyone.

From my last blog I mentioned everytime my hubby leaves for a conference something bad happens. Well this year took the cake.

He safely arrived home on time and I was thrilled to see him home. We had a wonderful night of great sex and when we woke in the morning started all over again. I thought this year would be different. That is when everything hit the fan, his office called and told him not to come in for a few days. Nobody could figure out why and that next week they fired him. So the HB has been out of work for a month and I have been working a lot of overtime so we can have money and make sure the kids are ok. I didn't think things could get worse until I talked to my sister who has been very ill for a long time and now the DR.'s want to perform brain surgery on her. She has the possibility of losing 85% of her memory, my family and I have been discussing what her options are. She is a fighter and definately my hero. I don't think I could go through everything she has and still want to fight.

Needless to say I have been very stressed out and I haven't even been able to have on orgasm because of all of the stress....Which totally sucks!!!!!!!!

I thought I has something wrong with until I had a few drinks and relaxed and was taken advantage of. Willing of course. My HB decided he would drive me insane until I came and was completely relaxed.

Things have gotten a little better in the last week or so, my hb has a new job and will start next week. So that has taken a lot off of my mind.

My son has been diagnosed with a learning disability and we are trying to work with him the best we can. The school is not exactly sure what kind of disablitly he has of yet.

Well I guess I am done venting, this blog really does help. I just wish I could get on here a little bit more than I have been. I have a feeling that is going to change. The hubby starts the night shift. So I will have time to start writing like I used to. I really do miss it.

Take Care Everyone



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